Michael Walzer’s Just and Unjust Wars remains the standard account of just war theory despite the criticism it has received. Much of that criticism denies the political character of just war discourse by substituting general moral principles for principles generated in. Just and Unjust Wars, Chapters 4, 5, and 6. (excerpts). Michael Walzer. Ch. 4, Law and Order in International Society. Aggression. Aggression is the name we. Review Author(s): Thomas L. Pangle Review by: Thomas L. Pangle Source: The American Political Science Review, Vol. 72, No. 4 (Dec., ), pp.

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JUST AND UNJUST WARS: A MORAL ARGUMENT WITH HISTORICAL ILLUSTRATIONS; THE GREAT WAR AND MODERN MEMORY. Michael Walzer. Just and Unjust Wars: A Moral Argument with Historical Illustrations [Michael Walzer] on momysufphypa.cf *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A penetrating. When is the resort to violence justified in international affairs? What acts are legitimate in the conduct of war? These questions raise difficult problems of ethical.

As the statist order of international law came under increasing pressure, the sovereignty of former colonies proved far more qualified than the old European sovereignty.

Meanwhile, the rising prestige of just-war language legitimized U. Held to mark the twentieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and presided over by the authoritarian Shah Pahlavi, the Tehran conference has been depicted as a massive failure.

The year after Tehran, the ICRC presented a report on the revision of humanitarian law to its conference in Istanbul then followed up with two meetings of a Conference of Government Experts in and The position of the anticolonialists was that they were not seeking anything new from the Diplomatic Conference; they simply wanted international humanitarian law brought into conformity with principles accepted by the UN as binding international law.

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Armed with General Assembly resolutions, anticolonial delegates arrived at the ICRC Conference determined to see national liberation struggles classified as international armed conflicts, and prisoner of war status extended to national liberation fighters.

Prior to the conference, anticolonial struggles were regarded as internal conflicts that fell within the domestic jurisdiction of the territory in which they took place. Yet their professed concerns for the protection of civilians coexisted with their prioritization of order over justice, as Karma Nabulsi persuasively argues, and with their fears that an armed citizenry would lead to popular uprisings.

Their conviction that justice was on their side was combined with their recognition of the changing balance of forces in international law-making bodies. The earlier Geneva Conventions were ratified in by 59 states. The Algerian War had transformed the terrain on which international humanitarian war was discussed—as the delegates at the Diplomatic Conference soon realized.

While Walzer does attribute a place to self-determination in his broader just war theory, the absence of these terms from his account of the conceptual vocabulary used to oppose the Vietnam War obscures the role of anticolonialists in the struggle against the war, and their role in transforming international law in this period.

Meeting against the backdrop of the U. Anticolonial delegates argued that national liberation movements were parties to international armed conflicts and must therefore be included.

Unsurprisingly, the United States violently opposed such proposals, which it framed as motivated by political rather than humanitarian concerns. The consequence of this, Best notes, was that even the most awful of war criminals, fallen as a prisoner into the hands of an enemy State, brought to trial, found guilty, and sentenced to a long imprisonment, must throughout the whole experience be treated to the standards of food, accommodation, visits by representatives of the Protecting Power and the ICRC etc.

They are immediately looked after and given shelter under material living conditions equal to those enjoyed by our ministers while at the same time the Vietnamese citizens who are victims of the bombs just dropped by these same war criminals are still weeping over the bodies of their dead parents and children and their burnt houses.

In the s, delegates anxious to preserve the inherited order adopted a formalist stance and dismissed the demands of the new states as political and, thus, irrelevant.

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Here, I pursue another argument: while Western states characterized the just-war language of the new states as medieval, the anticolonial delegates did not refer either to medieval just war thinkers or to Christian theology. Rather, they drew on the principles of anti-imperialism and self-determination to articulate a contrasting vision of justice that challenged the colonial configuration of international law and the privileging of Christian civilization. Nor did their account of self-determination share in the racial hierarchies that animated the account of self-determination Walzer borrows from J.

For the Russian Bolshevik and the Chinese anticolonialist, violence was justified to overcome colonial domination and achieve self-determination. Far from being inspired by the Middle Ages, both thinkers saw anticolonial revolutions as progressive struggles on the path to world revolution.

In these wars, he argued, one party controls the state, and therefore the police, a conventional army and sophisticated weaponry. Two contrasting visions of justice were reflected in two distinctive amendments submitted prior to the Conference, both of which characterized wars of national liberation as international armed conflicts.

To take the flip side, Walzer also argued that a nation could be engaged in a just war, such as the U.

Just and Unjust Wars

He defended the age-old principle of noncombatant immunity, which requires that nations not intentionally target civilian populations and property, against both realists and utilitarians who argue that nations should resort to such measures if they can bring war to a quicker end. Some of his conclusions do not surprise: he found that nations could use force in their own self-defense and the defense of other nations.

Yet others even seem irresponsible: he argued that the United States could not rely on mutually assured destruction to counter the Soviet Union because it would be immoral to launch a retaliatory nuclear strike. Walzer would not have dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, even though allied leaders estimated that an invasion of the Japanese home islands would have resulted in one million allied casualties and eight million Japanese—far less than the lives lost in the nuclear attacks.

Nevertheless, by focusing on historical and practical examples, Just and Unjust Wars created a common arena within which philosophers, the military, and politicians could argue about war. Despite its welcome emphasis on historical examples, Just and Unjust War may leave the military scholar wanting in its conception of political theory.

Just and Unjust War contributed to philosophy by replacing the foundations of Just War Theory, which had long rested on natural law see the earlier discussions in this series on Cicero and Grotius , with the liberal approach of understanding politics in terms of individual rights. Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article.

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