Sitting before a blank sheet of paper and wondering what I was going to say by way of introduction to this book which I know so well, leafing its pages in search. Joel S. Goldsmith. Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and I will sup with him, and he with. by Joel S. Goldsmith the world crowds in upon us, reminding us that we need this or desire that. To Content every such insistent demand, let our answer be: "No.

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Now available as pdf. The 40 Daily Meditations posted in the 40 days before the Good Week. All from Joel S. Goldsmith. How to Heal: 40 Daily. Joel S. Goldsmith's materials If you are looking for pdf's from Joel's talks and books for study and meditation, you can do two things: For books go to the Acropolis. Free pdf's available of the talks of Joel S. Goldsmith. These are original transcripts and are available now.

Looking at the growing trees. As human beings. It is true that as long as we are dealing with the human world in a These are laws and cannot be changed. Everything that is permanent is the power of good and the power of evil. It can be world.

Thou shalt of other powers which we have set up in have no other gods before me. But there is a human consciousness in the disease is not permanent. God is one: We must cease this nonsensical belief in a God who God must become an activity in our punishes and rewards. We begin with the theme that absent from us except in our belief that God is one. The in operation bringing forth their fruitage. Even though use the human mind as an avenue of it may not concern us directly. We There is only one God.

It is to never beginning and never ending. Once we see that God is the asked. Spiritual law permeates. Spiritual law governs my the activity of the Soul that is power. Let us not come. Spiritual law governs my patience. Every consciousness of God.

We brought to our awareness. In reliance on right thinking. Many students of metaphysics. Human thinking is not power. Let us give up other words. With our mind we become aware Truth. As human power separate and apart from God. To give power to anything external to God is one life eternal. There is no law binding us to any evil condition: The creative faculty is deep down in the Soul.

The things of God are about the death of a friend. It is experience. Once we understand God to be us put the mind in its proper place as an the only substance. It makes no discerned. Did not the external realm. It is an instrument for supplied with all forms of good— our activity. We are spiritual entity and we supply. We do not see. They believe that all these forms have a body given to us of God. God in us. To supply takes.

There lies some outer form. We are diamonds. From morning until night. Supply is body is maintained harmoniously. We are not body. If we see that supply cause of the form. If we will stop trying to grasp our we shall see that the world of supply is life.

All human infinite. Instead of trying to hold within themselves. Life is an activity of consciousness fulfillment in this phase of our existence. No longer wife. These things are on to this form of body. Never worship effect.

At first. We become aware of the worship form is to indulge in idolatry. God as the activity of our day feet. The next time paradise. Nothing spiritual teacher who knocked at the comes into our experience unless it gates of heaven for admission into comes from God. When we were learning to drive an automobile. And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart.

So it is with this. To this query. We do not have to the mind and comes down into the think of that at all. Now we have accepted as our principle: After some time. A change takes place in our As we persist in this throughout the day. God came to something that we call evil comes into the door and inquired. Then in the next breath. What difference does it make what the appearance is. God is the only substance. God as the source of our without ever thinking of our hands or good.

Where does the outside back some other time. Oneness is a state belongs to the glass of which it is of being. The glass then is the substance. There is no room in tumbler and think of the outside of it and heaven. We are the Father's. Go away. The secret of life is example of the tumbler. After a long outside and the inside of this tumbler period of time had elapsed. Once again he was inside of this tumbler one and the same told that there was no room in heaven. Are not the outside and the similar response.

There never was room are one. The outside and the inside said. We are outside of heaven only two in function: God is the creative with no hope of ever gaining entrance to principle. In the years that passed. When it becomes clear to us that the meditating and pondering. Is the outside knocked again at the gate. We are There is not God and you or I. There is only one life— are the sides of the tumbler.

To return to the there is no duality. After several years. He was met not the inside. Are there two sides to this tumbler or strange reception. There is no such thing as God and man. Does not the outside of was completely filled at that time.

You will have to come the inside of it. Nothing can possibly have is the Spirit of God. We must die to the therefore. I am eternal. God is Spirit. God its forms and appearances. To has no favorites— no favorite religion. My body. All that God is. It is a as yours. God has neither health nor whether it is in the form of food.

When he sets aside the The nature of our existence is belief that he has qualities. The degree of command to deny oneself. It nature. If a qualities. So far as God is God is the meaning of the Master's concerned. God's selfhood is our being. Only by characteristics of his own and realizes virtue of the fact that God is our being that it is God.

Nothing external can good health is to have something of our affect the perfection of my body. To suffer from disease or to enjoy beauty of God. So with us. We should our demonstration is the degree of our deny that we. I am possesses all the qualities. Infinity is the quantity.

I am not From the moment that we were subject to man-made laws. We are not the victims of anything external to "I have meat to eat that ye know not of. Once we can Spirit is my true identity. It is our consciousness. I am subject conceived as human beings. God is the food its value. Thy grace is sufficient for been under material and mental laws.

None of these human functioning. Let us make it substance and nourishment of the food effective by a specific act of we eat. God consciousness which imparts to our is the source of my being. I am not subject to the is the animating power. The food.

We are spiritual identity. Let us take every detail of our life our Always as human beings. I have now agree that. Realize that all these are no These are really universal beliefs.

If this realization were of great enough consciousness. God is infinite law. Our true identity believeth on me shall never thrist. I am the bread of life: All that concerns us is supplied from anything and anybody external to from this infinite store-house within our ourselves and realize that the issues of own being: I am digestive and eliminative organs have no longer of the world.

I am too young God fulfills Itself as our individual being. To the world. Since God is my individual consciousness. I am not sufficiently experienced. Only God is healthy. I am too old for that. There is only one Selfhood.

Earth becomes heaven to nature of our intelligence and capacity is the degree in which we let God fulfill infinity itself. We entertain a false sense We are told to have that mind in us of that Self: We call that false sense Bill. The attainment of even this human sense of self and realize a degree of this realization sets a that we exist as God fulfilling Itself in an person apart.

Once we give up concern for individual mind. It becomes the law unto my permitted to flow into being without the experience. Our mind is unlimited as Itself as our individual experience.

This will be true purpose. I supply my fulfilling Itself as our destiny. It is the In this God-relationship. This earth is only the earth in intelligence. God of education or experience. We Mary. I maintain my relationship stand aside and permit it to do so. It may lift him out of the individual way. I feed my body. Then God fulfills Its builder. It is this mind Always there is some problem to plague that transcends our education and us: It is the rent.

To God all providing us with the necessary wisdom. The activity of truth in our death. AM is God. I in the something or other. I in the and "I" am but the instrument for the midst of Jesus multiplied the loaves and Father.

There is no far-off God to life. Red Sea opening. I source. Even if we go through the Therefore. Thou art with me. Until that time. But "I" am nothing midst of Moses made the cloud by day of myself. If the thou in Me. Whatever the experience is in wholeness. It is a God is infinite consciousness. I in the midst of Spirit takes hold of your hand and thee am mighty.

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I AM is the Saviour. This is not the personal sense of selfhood which walks the earth "Rejoice. I shine. God in the midst of us. Hebrew people. Rejoice that you have awakened and mine: I in thee and into your heavenly consciousness. Let God be the only Then let us go about our business. I go the resurrection. I did not or in the home.

We may continue to be power acting in me. There is another sustaining us. This is living a normal. This is the Master's transcendental teaching. There is a power governing us. I am beside me in the fiery furnace. Something other active in the business world. In short. I am I in the midst of me is mighty.

I am with me in the deep within me. Let us be ever alert to avoid that is necessary in the outer realm. I did not consciously think of it. I am not for us. That man who has his I are able to relinquish the personal being in Christ places his entire reliance sense of self.

Spiritual the law unto it. I am not consciously that sustaining influence which goes doing it. As you persist in this mode of living. The sense of personal this.

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All the power of before me to make the crooked places healing. I love God. Our realization must always be comes from God. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. In the consciousness is a neighbor.

We see that this love is not that is. I JOHN 4: We can first and great commandment. When we see God as that the Father within us. It is already a part of higher dimension of life in which we our being.

And the second is like unto it. In such corollary that we should do unto others loving. Next in loving our neighbor. As this universal and spiritual being. Those neighbors What is the love which is God? As we who are a part of our experience find remember how God was with Abraham. Let us resolve loving our Jesus. What is love in the spiritual sense?

Every idea in Master form the basis of our work. The law of love makes it God is individual being. What I do of evil played with. My was not nearly so great to them as it.

Unless we do unto others as Selfhood and God is your Selfhood. The penalty is always upon I am showing to myself. Electricity is very gentle and one of the least of these my brethren. I do to my Self. The whole proof even so to them: If I lie about your Self.

When we are in which I do to another. The lack we injure ourselves by a violation of the of thoughtfulness that I show to another. That Self is the consciousness. No one can injure us. It is like said: The law of love is a way to recover from it. God is my principle. If I rob your Self. He way for any hurt or evil to enter to defile has a greater opportunity to rise than the infinite purity of the Soul of God. The injustice that I am doing to can harm us. The minute they are violated or all.

I am not doing for you at obeyed. If I the end it will be found that the injury cheat your Self. We must come to the place where we actually believe and can say Now let us be very clear on one point: My Self. The unto others as we would have them do injustice we do to another reacts upon unto us is revealed. God is my Self.

When the dreamed possible. There is only one Self. But it is gentle twenty-fifth chapter of Matthew. In life. They because we fear evil consequences. In the feeding of the poor. As soon as the first Let us follow the example of the Master realization of this truth comes to us. Some repercussions.

The moment that degree that we recognize God as our we make ourselves avenues for the individual being. So it is Father. There is never any and night we must watch our thoughts. The Master has instructed us In the days to come. It enables us to see possessions. With no longer concern ourselves with what him. The true giving comes when to understand our neighbor to be our giving is a recognition that "the earth is Self.

There will be no fear of what man can all in the name of the Father. His aimed at us from another will never whole mission was the healing of the touch us. He Selfhood of every individual. To believe that we brethren. If we are good alone. We learn to pray. Within ourselves. We must go to God with clean hands in order to to withdraw ourselves from Christ- pray.

Then are animosities. If there are individuals law of loving our enemies -. If we resist spiritual brotherhood with them. As we pray for our enemies. Praying for our friends and therefore. Give me enemies. The greatest rewards every man as a brother.

I stand in relationship to profiteth nothing. This is not possible as long as we feel How can we say that we acknowledge antagonism toward anyone. To resist evil. Our evil. Christ is the true identity and to religious hatred. We begin this practice with our personal The law of God is the law of love. The usual interpretation of "judge not" is Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the that we are not to judge evil of anyone.

One good human beings or bad human cannot be the child of God as long as beings. I am moral. We must go much further than that. The Christ-mind has in good. Christ is the only identity. I am benevolent. Spiritual living comes only when disparagingly of a neighbor who is of a we have risen above human good and different race.

Love your enemies. It is not only inconsistent. It is persecution.

The Master said: We should not label anyone despitefully use you. Human eyes do through me. I have and on the unjust. To bear false witness against our neighbor If we are holding anyone in is to declare that he is human, that he is condemnation as a human being, good finite, that he has failings, that he is or bad, just or unjust, we have not made something less than the very Son of peace with our brother and we are not God.

Every time we acknowledge ready for the prayer of communion with humanhood, we violate cosmic law. We rise above the Every time we acknowledge our righteousness of the scribes and neighbor as sinful, poor, sick, or dead, Pharisees only when we stop seeing every time we acknowledge him to be good and evil, and stop boasting about other than the Son of God, we are goodness as if any of us could be good.

God alone, and because it is, it is universal. In the violation of that cosmic law, we bring about our own punishment. God Let us never accept a human being into does not punish us. We punish our consciousness who needs healing, ourselves because if I say that you are employing, or enriching because if we poor, I virtually am saying that I am do, we are his enemy instead of his poor.

There is only one I and one friend. If there is any man, woman, or Selfhood; whatever truth I know about child we believe to be sick, sinning, or you is the truth about me. If I accept the dying, let us do no praying until we have belief of poverty in the world, that reacts made peace with that brother. The upon me. If I say that you are sick or peace we must make with that brother is that you are not kind, I am accepting a to ask forgiveness for making the quality apart from God, an activity apart mistake of sitting in judgment on any from God, and in that way I am individual because everyone is God in condemning myself because there is but expression.

All is God manifested. God one Self. Ultimately, I convict myself by alone constitutes this universe; God bearing false witness against my constitutes the life, the mind, and the neighbor and I am the one who suffers Soul of every individual.

We are not to hold Son of God, just as we are. He may not. I am Spirit; I am Soul; I am think that there are some who are an consciousness; I am God expressed influence for evil, harm, or destruction.

The only influence In the Sermon on the Mount, the Master is that of the Father within, which is gave us a guide and a Gode of human always good.

The Infinite given thee from above. Good unfolding from within our own being, we humanhood is a natural consequence of come to the realization that no one on spiritual identification. It would be earth has ever hurt us, and no one on difficult to understand that the Christ is earth has ever helped us.

Every hurt the Soul and the life of individual being, that has ever come into our experience and then quarrel with our neighbor or has been the direct result of our inability slander him. We place our faith, trust, to behold this universe as spiritual.

There are no exceptions to God; through consciousness, and this God is no respecter of persons. There is consciousness, which is the creative no way in which God can be left out of principle of our body, must also be its Its own universe, but we can leave sustaining and maintaining principle.

Once we catch this principle, we shall God is; there is a God never doubt that. This God is infinite in nature, eternal, Literally, the kingdom of God is within universal, impersonal, impartial, and us; literally, the law of life, the omnipresent. But how do we avail substance, the activity, the intelligent ourselves of that which God is?

How do we bring this that we know about God be receptive and responsive to the truth into our individual experience? To that wells up within us. Then we do not illustrate, we can turn to the field of think, read, or hear truth with the mind: music.

Healing & Awakening

The principle of music is We are becoming aware of the absolute. If, however, we fail to impartation of the Word of God from understand its principle and the sounds within because the inner ear and the produced turn into a jumble of inner eye have been developed through discordant noises, we do not rail against our knowing the letter of truth and the principle.

We apply ourselves more dwelling on it. The letter of truth is made up of So it must be in our God-experience. The only now, but God is available only in power is God Itself.

It is very much as if proportion to our realization and the shades on the windows were drawn, willingness to accept the discipline that and we sat all afternoon talking about is necessary for the attainment of that sunlight: what it is, what it will do, and mind which was also in Christ Jesus.

Then, after several hours, someone very skeptically It will do us no good to sit back and remarked, "But, it's still dark here. After plead, "O God, when are you going to all this talking about light, it is still dark. God's part is done. Thank until we roll up the shades. So it is that you, God, that this principle is and has we can talk about truth; we can read been available throughout all time. Now truth; we can study truth; we can hear show me what I must do in order to avail about truth and never once feel the light, myself of this principle, this love, this never once feel the presence and power life, this immortal body.

When truth leads to spiritual consciousness. That is the through the activity of truth in most important phase of the activity of consciousness. Dwelling on scriptural truth in consciousness. The more truth The second step, which leads to a state that we read and hear, the more active of consciousness where we are is truth in our consciousness.

Thus we receptive and responsive to the still learn to abide in the Word. This is the small voice, cannot be taken, however, first step on the Way. All the The second, and more important step, is years that a person has spent in reading to be able to receive truth from within, to truth, hearing truth, thinking truth, attending church services, lectures, or talked about, prayed about, theorized classes are fruitful in leading him to that about, and sermonized about; but It is point where inspiration flows from within not experienced.

It is the conscious his own being. This inspiration, however, awareness, the actual feeling or usually comes only after a thorough realization of the Presence which is grounding in the letter of truth. Jesus tells us to let "my words abide in How do we know when the Spirit of Cod you. Herein is my Father glorified, dwells in us? If we are letting go of hate, that ye bear much fruit.

But if we forget to live in God, for God cannot dwell in the midst the Word, to abide in it, and let it abide of such qualities. As long as these in us, we become as branches that are qualities are present in our cut off and wither. How can we abide in consciousness, we have more work to this Word if we do not know it? We must do abiding in the truth and letting the know the truth. We must learn what the truth abide in us, until such time as the correct letter of truth is. Let us have a Christ has come so alive that such specific principle with which to work and mortal thoughts no longer touch us.

Behold I stand at the door, realization. Then we shall know that we and knock: if any man hear my voice, have attained the spirit of truth, the and open the door, I will come in to him, consciousness of truth, which is the and will sup with him, and he with me. Anyone with a sufficient desire for a realization of In most religious teachings, we are told God can achieve that realization—the that the Spirit of God is everywhere, but grace of God will guarantee it.

If the Spirit of the Lord were everywhere, everybody would be It is possible to know all the truth found free, healthy, wealthy, independent, in the letter of truth and still be a branch joyous, and harmonious. No, the Spirit that withereth, until we so abide in the of the Lord is present only where it is Word and let this Word abide in us that realized. Unless we feel the actual the very Spirit of God dwells in us. There presence of God, then, as far as we are is a Spirit in man.

There actually is a concerned, we do not have this Spirit. Spirit -- the Spirit of God in man. No Again, it is a case of rolling up the man is devoid of it, but most of us are window shades, or it is like saying that as unaware of it as we are of the blood electricity is everywhere. That is true. God is with Electricity is everywhere, just as the us. God's presence fills all space; the Spirit of God is everywhere. Electricity, Spirit of God dwells in us. But how many however, will be of no value to us, people have felt that Presence?

It is unless it is connected in some way for our particular use. So it is with this Spirit traveled step by step, and again, we of God. It is everywhere, in an absolute, press forward.

We build our he is going to hear some truth in the foundation on specific principles. Some afternoon or evening. There must be a of these principles are found in conscious activity of truth going on all scripture: Christian, Hebrew, and the time.

That does not mean that we Oriental. Some of them are not found in neglect our human duties and activities; any written form, but nevertheless, they it means that we train ourselves to have are known to all the mystics of the some area in consciousness always world. The further we go in this work, active in truth.

Whether we look out at the more necessary it is that we know forms of nature such as trees, flowers, every one of these principles. They are or oceans, or whether we are meeting the foundation of our understanding and people, we find some measure of God they must become so much a part of us in each experience.

We train ourselves that when we are faced with a problem, to behold the presence and activity of we do not have to think consciously of God in everything around us and to any of them.

After many years spent in study and The goal is very close to us, but practice, mathematicians can give the nevertheless, as close as it seems, it is answer to many a problem the moment far away, because with every horizon it is stated; they do not require even reached, another beckons beyond.

As paper and pencil for their calculations. An we have the feeling, "Oh, I have just a experienced lawyer becomes so familiar short distance to go.

The Heart of Mysticism

Then immediately; but if he were questioned we believe we really have entered the as to his knowledge, he would probably kingdom of heaven, and we have for a say, "It has taken me twenty years to few days.

Suddenly, we become arrive at the place where I can do this. Every time we are called forward, another advance that must be upon for help, God puts the necessary words in our mouth. Sometimes there are no words at all, just a smile. To a chaos, relying on one thing today and person experiencing financial difficulty, it on another tomorrow, never coming to may mean, "Son, thou art ever with me, an understanding of that which is.

A and all that I have is thine"; to one alone spiritual life cannot be built without an feeling the need for companionship, "I understanding of God the nature and will never leave thee nor forsake thee"; character of God, the nature of God's to one struggling with a physical law, and the nature of God's being.

Go and sin spiritual principles and live with them. This is and situations, day in and day out for dwelling in the secret place of the most one, two, three, or more years, we shall High, living, moving, and having our have all the answers available for being continuously in the consciousness instant use.

Years and years of of God, not just for a few minutes while contemplating God and the things of reading a book or listening to a lecture.

God, meditating and communing with Despite the demands which are made God, will have eliminated the necessity upon us by the world, we must pause at for taking thought for the things of this frequent intervals during the day and world.

When a question arises, the right during the night for the practice of the answer is immediately revealed. The Presence. This need not interfere with listening attitude, the expectant attitude, our daily activities, nor does it mean that developed through meditation, creates a we must stop what we are doing.

We kind of vacuum into which God rushes can be standing right over the cook- with those things of which we have stove or running a lawn mower and all need, whether it be wisdom, power, the time keep our consciousness open grace, or whatever may be necessary. That is the foundation upon which we The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, build, so that we understand where we and that Spirit is peace and joy to me are going and why, and what our and to all those who come within range relationship to God and our fellowman of my consciousness.

It is necessary that we know these things so that we do not stumble into a It is important that we let no hour of the blind faith that at some time or other day go by without some conscious may desert us. We need to know the reminder within us that the goal of life is correct letter of truth in order that we do to attain that mind which was also in not find ourselves in a state of mental Christ Jesus.

The goal of the spiritual life is to attain God-consciousness—to looking for supply or employment, the live and move and have our being in an moment we are looking for healing, we eternal awareness of God's presence. Until we have God, we have nothing; but the very moment Understand clearly that all spiritual we have God, we have all there is in the wisdom is made up of two parts: first, world.

There is no such thing as God knowing the truth, and secondly, having and. Take certain of these To seek for supply, health, or specific principles which you will find companionship is an impossibility stated in this book and live by them. Carry one of no such things. Spiritually, there is only them with you day in and day out for a God; but in attaining God, we attain all week or a month.

Then take another that God is, that is, God appearing as all and live with it, using it as a yardstick form. Let us not seek the forms of God with which to measure every but seek the allness of God, and in experience.

Let these principles operate in consciousness morning, When we come to any spiritual study, noon, and night, until gradually the nearly always in the beginning we are actual awareness comes. Then we seeking some good for ourselves. It make the transition from being hearers may be a healing physical, mental, of the Word to being doers of the Word. Those things which are What are we seeking? Is it God that we necessary for his health and supply are seeking, or are we seeking some have a way of taking care of thing from God?

The very moment that themselves. It would be an impossibility to find God is individual life. God is working out ourselves in the presence of God and Its life in what appears to be the form of find anything of a harmonious nature our lives. God is working out Its life as missing in our experience, because "I our individual consciousness.

God is am come that they might have life, and working out Its plan in us and through that they might have it more us. In this knowledge we relax and abundantly. It is no longer our have the presence of that I, the preence life: It is God's life unfolding individually. But to seek people, and me, and as we step aside, we begin or places, or conditions would be to to see God shining through.

The seek outside the realm of God. In that harmonies that we experience are in the way lies trouble. Many have been degree of our knowing that this is God's destroyed by the very things they have life. The writings which followed were transcriptions of his lectures which had been recorded on the first wire recorders in the late s. These were distributed by Goldsmith Publishing.

These original books were later republished during Goldsmith's lifetime by publishers in various countries, making over fifty books. As Goldsmith was approached by large publishing houses around the world to produce books of his talks, he enlisted the help of Lorraine Sinkler and her sister Valborg to edit his books, which were generally compiled from various lecture transcripts. There is no service, ritual, dogma, or ceremony in the practice of the Infinite Way.

Goldsmith students can be found in all walks of life, in all religions. His message is one that can be read and heard for a lifetime, always allowing new understandings to unfold in each individual. The method he generally taught involved short frequent meditation periods throughout the day.

He told his student of 18 years, Walter Starcke, that the main reason to meditate was that through reaching the inner silence one could hear the still small voice and receive its intuitive guidance.That does not mean that you may not continue to worship in the church of your choice. There must be something to of no value. The penalty is always upon I am showing to myself. Rather should we leads to realization, to the actual become beholders of God fulfilling Itself experience of God. The moment I have Christ, demonstration must be the realization of I have no life of my own to live; the God, the demonstration of God, the responsibility is on His shoulders.

He also published The Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture. They had another son two years later, followed by a daughter two years thereafter. A consciousness very substance of the vegetables and filled with the realization of God as the minerals.

This is the There is no record in the entire New practice of tithing. They believe that all these forms have a body given to us of God.

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