By Lloyd Pye. A Basic Guide to the Intervention. Theory of Origins—of the Universe, of Life, of Hominoids, and of Humans. Version Lloyd Pye () was a researcher, author, and lecturer best known for his unique version of Intervention Theory, the theory that aliens played a part in the. Lloyd Pye - momysufphypa.cf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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This booklet/pamphlet is dedicated to my friend Lloyd Pye, who died from Lymphoma. Cancer on Dec 9th He is sorely missed, both as a friend, and as a. Lloyd Pye's most popular video despite poor visual quality. Audio and slides keep viewers riveted through two hours. Millions of views on other. Editorial Comment: In issue 17 of UFO Truth Magazine I published an article by Steve Mera dedicated to the work of researcher Lloyd Pye regarding the.

Throughout the episode when asked about this, what he does seem to harp on is that during eclipses, pendulums will move backwards or change their rate of swing.

There is an actual named effect, the Allais effect named after frenchman Maurice Allais who later won a Nobel Prize in economics. The effect is that Allais observed that during a total solar eclipse, the rate of swing of a pendulum changed very slightly.

To summarize, experiments about a decade ago on normal pendulums found that the very very very slight differences in period could be easily accounted for by changes in temperature and air currents during an eclipse. So, the evidence for this seems to be a tiny effect that can be explained conventionally or an effect that does not exist.

Bara 0, Science 1. Astrology And auras and crystals and consciousness. He believes in all that, clearly explicitly states it, but I want to focus in this section more on the astrology though this will be short. If interested in the short version, I recommend this post first.

If interested in reading more, I recommend this post second. That the planets and their positions relative to the Earth do have an effect, not just on physical instruments here, but actually on the way we think!

And our consciousness.


Bara claims that he Nelson found a correlation with planetary positions and activity on the sun which Bara says is evidence for this: When the astrology for the planets said good things should happen, the sun was quiet, and then the opposite was the case.

As a result of such correlations, certain planetary relationships are deduced to have specific effect on radio propagation through their influence upon the sun. Further investigation is required to fully explore the effect of planet positions on radio propagation in order that the highly important field of radio weather forecasting may be properly developed.

First, this was not peer-reviewed meaning that there was no external unbiased rigorous check of his work. Second, correlation does not equal causation.

Everything You Know Is Wrong, Book 1: Human Origins

Fourth, it has not been used to actually make predictions, which all testable hypotheses must. Fifth, there is overwhelming science showing that astrology does not work, that it is nothing but magical thought and cold and sometimes hot reading. Bara 0, Science 2. And he brings in astrology. See the section before this one. Otherwise … Bara 0, Science 3.

See a Problem?

Someone remind me when I do that future post to add a link here. Among other gems are that evolution is wrong and Lloyd Pye is the guy to believe on this. This article, as it stands July 7 is insufferably wrong[ edit ] Yes, there are some individuals who are so globally delusional, that they earn the title crank.

Sometimes good people make honest mistakes. This is not about those people.

A Note on Lloyd Pye’s Starchild DNA Report

This is about the willfully stupid people who actually work at being ignorant and staying ignorant, and who make it a personal mission to prevent others from knowing more than they know or doing more than they would ever dare to consider Hate? A few things of note Flailing about, calling an intelligent human lazy, with out knowing his work habits is The truth is more difficult, and cannot be ferreted out by being cavalier I will help with this article over the next month or so Some times those that speak, do not know Tao Te Ching Purebread who?

Advise as you see fit Purebread who?

Did Lloyd Pye get sucked in to tabloid trap behavior, a little bit, so could I Comment as you see fit Purebread who? Purebread who? However, this argument seems to be sort of like saying that unicorns and fairies must exist because the words "unicorn" and "fairy" do.

The Elasmotherium may have been responsible for a Tatar legend of a unicorn-like animal. However the idea of a fallen vanquished race in hiding has fallen out of favour with scholars.

Most physicians, myself included, think Novella's interpretation is not correct. Documentation is in the article I linked under StarChild links.

Arriving at a closer to the truth page can be called spam, but where does that get us?

Yes, LLoyd Pie's clock stopped on percentage of brain use. I do not think that that renders him imbecile. My motivation is a better article Purebread who?

Anyone who has bothered to read Pye's key work - 'Everything you know is wrong' - will realise that the so called 'article' about him on 'Rational Wiki' is just a cheap, shoddy bit of mud-slinging that completely misrepresents the man, his ideas and the well marshalled evidence that he put behind them.In late As a result of such correlations, certain planetary relationships are deduced to have specific effect on radio propagation through their influence upon the sun.

Many records from the middle ages up through the mid re- naissance are published in newspaper reports and other documents representing what appear to be medium sized dinosaurs. The similar abandoned mine at left is used today as a dwelling.

Experts explain it as typical hydrocephaly water on the brain caused by excess spinal fluid trapped on or inside its brain. The tests that have been done clearly show that a wide variety of dinosaurs lived up to the Younger Dryas boundary, and that some pockets of survivors like triceratops lived well into the late Holocene.

1890 Land-Grant Institution

Say O Mohammad it has been revealed to me that a group of Jinn listened to this Koran. But when challenged, as was clear in my interview with Expat, Bara goes on the attack and defense, lashing out at the accuser, calling them a stalker, crazy, obsessed, etc. It is amazing that the editors allowed such an offensively shallow soundbite to be published on this supposedly august website with no defending views offered to readers. Fifth, there is overwhelming science showing that astrology does not work, that it is nothing but magical thought and cold and sometimes hot reading.

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