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Aberrant Core rulebook (two editions, limited and unlimited); Aberrant Storyteller's screen. Create a book Download as PDF Printable version. was no way for a nova in Australia to know that a nova in South Africa was already calling himself "Vortex." Appellate Lexington is here to remove the confusion. Aberrant Rulebook - Description Aberrant is a core rulebook and prequel to the Trinity PDF. $ $ 1 2 3 4 5. Average Rating (35 ratings). Description.

Must look into this further, preferably by enlisting an aberrant with enhanced reasoning capacities. Are the rumors of psychometric powers true? Whatever the case, Id better keep this to myself; no need to endanger my current position by earning a reputation as a crank conspiracy theorist.

Its rapidly kcaying orbit dumps radioactive material into the jetstream In a matter of days, increasing radiation levels are : The Aeon Society publiciy announces its UN support and issues an invitationto open dialog wrth any interested novas. The UN works behind the scenes to calm and reassure the world that Aeon can handle the nova outbreak.

IVk 3andel Portman becomes the first publicly known nova. The Fireman, as the media later dub Portman, emerges lunng a school-bus fire in New York. His lascent powers absorb the energy from he fire, putting it out and saving dozens If lives he UN overwhelmingly passes the Zurich Accord, a document declanng novas to be human beings, with all the nghts and responsibilities thereof A few fundamentalist Islamic nations and dictatonal regimes, all countries with poor human-rights records, protest the resolution August 13, Project Utopia, a multiputpose private foundation, is formed under the guidance of both the UN and the Aeon Society.

Project Utopias stated goals are to study the nova phenomenon and utilize novas abilities to better the quality of life on Earth for all its inhabitants. Membership and training are open to all interested novas, under the direction of Drs Henn December Aeon Society census reports approximately known novas in the world population.

Inspired by the coming of the novas and fueled by millennialist anxiety, various apocalyptic and transcendentalist religious sects arise throughout Many of these groups see novas as the chosen of God or the ultimate development of humanity. The most notable of these is The Church of the Immanent Escheaton, founded by a charismatic nova styling himself Chrystian Kalpa. The Vatican does not release an official statement of position on the status of novas, Protestant sects and Judaism release statements of support for novas, with wording in line with that of the Zurich Accord.

Fundamentalist Islamic sects decry novas as the Devils children, but increasingly come into conflict with Sunni philosophy exalting novas as the chosen of Allah. Team Tomorrow begins to combat global terrorism, organized crime and natural disasters with the cooperation of law-enforcement agencies worldwide. Utopias fledgling Science and Technology Department begins working on solutions to famine and environmental crises. Governments jcramble to deal with the phenomenon.

Other iations respond in kind. Emergency sessions of the UN are called. First usage of the term nova by the press, in response to scientists unofficial categorization of the newly erupted as Homo sapiens novus. April The Aeon Society, an international philanthropicorganization dating back to the League of Nations, initiates a dialog with the UN, offenng to seek out and study novas.

December 4: Dr. Henri Mazarin and Dr. Farah Rashoud release their findings on the discovery of a unique gland found in the brain of novas.

The MazarinRashoud, or M-R, node is believed to be the root of a novas abilities. Novas officially dubbed subspecies Homo sapiens novus. An independent pharmaceutical researchfacility, the Triton Foundation,provides funding for Mazarin and Rashouds research, and much of the other nova research over the next decade. The facility is intended to be a place where nascent novas can go to leam about and explore their powers in a controlled environment.

Over the next decade, dozens of other Rashoud facilities open worldwide. The chaos leads to May The first movie to featui Russiastotal economic collapse. Russias financial woes spread through Steven Spielberg-directedNova is the already weakened world markets, and story of a young man who emerges as cause the worlds worst one-day market nova, then dedicates his life to righting losses ever.

The Moscow Crash, as it is the wrongs of society. Various famous later termed, plunges the world into a novas figure prominently in the cast. Th massive recession. Nova goes on to sweep the temporaty freezes on all international Academy Awards, winning a record 18 loan payments. Internationalcurrency Oscars. Wall Street and other world trading improvement.

The upswing marks the xnters voluntarily close trading for the beginning of the largest sustained pen est of the week to allow a thorough of economic growth and prosperity in 3ssessment of the situation, and to allow world history.

The UN drops its freeze of the panic to calm. Many governments, the currency markets, and most nations includina the US and the rest of the G7 of Westem and Central Europe agree to iations,implement emergency pnce the adoption of the euro currency, linking :ontrols on consumer goods. The United Kingdom declines that its nova-employingresearch entry into the European Union. It also offers the announces that it has successfully services of the novas associated with closed the hole in the ozone layer and Utopia to the UN, and any government introduced CFC-eating bacteria into the that asks, for relief work.

The news leads atmosphere to prevent continued to a slight upswing in world markets. Project Utopia requests that all 7: Microsoftbecomes the first UN member states begin transporting , rivatecompany to hire a nova for public toxic and radioactive waste to a relationsand research. Mungu Kuwasha collection facility in Siberia for future is hired for his ability to interfacewith disposal. January 1 The Year bug hits computer systems. November3 Robert Schroer, a many of the worlds computer systems, April 3 :World unemployment rates 0 moderate Republican representative causing moderate problems.

Power quadruple in only two months. Philanproduction, airline traffic control, Internet from Colorado, is elected President of thropic organizationsworldwide follow the United States. Schroer begins the traffic and financial institutioncomputers the Aeon Societys lead in offering relief Republican nomination process as a are the most affected.

Utopia-affiliated assistance. Project Utopia novas help virtual unknown; his platform calls for novas race around the globe to restore with distnbution of perishablesupplies, or, in some cases, generate emergency continued economic reform and a retum creating the most efficient relief effort in to so-called common-sensevalues. He power and direct what few planes are in history. Governments enlist nova aid in wins a narrow victory in the general the air.

Most people notice only that the quelling food riots.

Some novas use their election over AI Gore, in which the airlines and banks are shut down for a abilities to keep basic utilities, such as couple of days, and that Web pages and Reform and Libertariancandidates also water and electricitv, flowina in areas take sizable proportionsof the vote. Februarry1: Project Utopia announces, before the UN General Assembly, its intention to perform a worldwide environmental cleanup.

The as a core to create civil works programs Japanese take the news especially to help alleviate the masswe unemploypoorly. Tokyo newspapers April 8: Fidel Castro dies. Cuba and millennialistanxiety distant report over 2, suicides that night spends the following weeks in political memories, the press realizes that is alone. When the dust clears, a the actual beginningof the new June 5:Acting on the advice of Project democrahcally elected president and millennium. This announcement inspire Ropia nova prognosticators,the UN legislative body take control of the the largest New Years celebrations in freeze exchange rates in the world currency market.

The move causes massive inflation in the currency of developing nations, but leads to a gradual strengthening of the industrial powers economies NWemberPl: Japan announces Saisho,The New Beginning,a senes of government subsidies designed to employ novas in high-tech industries The Japanese government agrees to pay for companies to hire novas for research and development purposes, in hopes that new technologies will salvage Japans economy. The project is a rousing success, and within a decade Japan regains its position as the premier developer of new technologies.

December2 Project UtopiasTeam Tomorrow announces it will be on call around the world to avert any problems that may come from the Y2K millennium bug Prime-timetelevision specials aired around the world show novas working with computer designers to prevent the problem, and teams of novas performing disaster-controldrills.

December Aeon Society census reports approximately known novas in the world population Novas continue to erupt throughout the year, despite falling levels of radiation from the Galatea explosion Richard De Remer order Aeon Society census reports approximately known novas in the Norld population.

The peace talks end with the ;igning of the London Peace Accord, Nhich establishes a Palestinianstate along the border of Israel and Egypt. Project Utopia agrees, as part of the Accord, to monitor the newly created border, although Israel is rumored to have almost a dozen novas under its jirect control.

March Project Utopia announces that bioremedial bacteria recently ntroduced in the worlds oceans, along with a large amount of physical cleanup, NIIIrestore the water quality of the worlds Oceans to pre-lndustnal Revolution levels by Mw The Russian Confederation a rises from the political and economic chaos caused by the Moscow Crash of Russias downward spiral reverses, albeit slowly, thanks to nova economic savanr and Minister of the Treasury, Vladimir Sierka.

The reorganized Confederationconsists of sovereign member states allied for purposes of economic strength and foreign relations. The Confederation has one currency, the ruble, and representatives of each member-state in the Confederation vote on all foreign trade decisions. The Confederation retains its seat on the UN Security Council, but the member states are represented individually in the General Assembly. In effect, the Confederationfunctions somewhat like a cross between the European Union and the United States of Amenca.

Belarus presidentAndrei Srebrianski is elected the first Confederation president.

Although Srebnanski is officially president, rumors continue in the press that Minister Sierka is the true leader of the confederation. Brushfire wars sweep through sub-Saharan West Africa, as Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Sudan use nova mercenaries,dubbed elites by the press, to fight as proxies. While fewer than a dozen elites die in the conflicts, hundreds of civilians are killed as collateraldamage, and the political borders of Africa are redrawn several times throughout the months of conflict Team Tomorrow takes peacekeeping actions on behalf of the UN and finally negotiatesa ceasefire.

Press coverage of the conflicts becomes the highestrated television event of the decade, so far. Vanous conspiracy theorists claim the conflicts were instigated by the and other major powers so they could see how effective novas were when used as military operatives.

Aberrant RPG

The Equatorial Wars, as the fighting is later dubbed, prompt international negotiations concerning the use of novas in military applications. While the talks are never formalized, the UN and Project Utopia openly support discussion on the issue. Internationalconsensus falls short of banning the use of novas in the military, but it is generally agreed that due to the unpredictable nature of novas powers, they should not be used against civilian or normal military targets unless in all-out war.

Strategistsand academics quickly devise a new school of military deterrent thought based around novas and formalize the idea of limited-scale conflictsfought by nova proxies. General acceptance of this idea, as an economical alternativeto certain types of conventional conflicts, leads to large numbers of elites being contracted by world governments in the following year.

January mO2-early Much of the worlds copper and fiber-optic cable communications networks are replaced with advanced optic cable derived from studies of Buendia eufiber and wireless networking. The new hardware, coupled with new data-transfer protocols, is dubbed OpNet.

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OpNet replaces the Internet, phone systems and cellular networks, allowing for wireless communications from virtually any location. The sordid scandal involves a six-year homosexual affair on the part of the President.

Schroer gives a televised address that night and admits to the affair. Even with his immediate response, his approval ratings plummet. The Directives water quality will be a reality by Kashmir region. Quick intetvention by August 7: Anibal Buendia, a nova with Team Tomorrow prevents an all-out war, the ability to reconfigurehis cellular but several conflicts with governmentstructure, creates the polymer derivative sponsored novas and mercenary elites known as eufiber.

This material, which occur. Kashmir becomes a demilitanzed has the ability to bond with nova cell zone under UN and Project Utopia structure and channel and redirect surveillance. As a side effect, merger into an enormous corporate studies of eufiber enable the developentity to be called ViaSoff. December4: A subway bombing in October.

Project Utopia begins Tokyo bnngs world attentionto coordinatingwith law-enforcementand Kamisama Buddhism, a hybrtd of Shinto intelligenceagencies from around the and Buddhist beliefs that is increasingly world Interpol, FBI, Scotland Yard, popular with Japanese youths. While Mossad to combat organized crime and Kamisama Buddhism professes terrorism. The facilitys opening is not publicized, nor The N! The pay-per-viewevent xxomes the highest-ratedchannel ever.

The initial engineering techniques, many of which match is the highest-ratedtelevision were developed in conjunction with the event of Triton Foundation over the past few November 3: Lauren Pendleton is years. Most national food inspection elected both the first female and first organizations such as the Food and Libertarianpresident of the United Drug Administration in the US copy this States.

The press credits her victory to March 9: Team Tomorrow stages a move, marking the first widespread dramatic rescue of the space shuttle voters disgruntled with two sex scandals international use of genetic engineering Discoveryafler a sizable meteor strikes by two consecutive presidents from both for livestock and crops. World food the shuttle, knocking it off course and major political parties.

Aberrant Rulebook

The entire crew next two years. This event marks June 1: The hypercombustionengine candidates claim a sizable portion of legislative seats in the election. Designed by nova Tetsuo consider novas for space operations and Yamato, the hypercombustionengine is December Aeon Society census exploration. Average Rating 31 ratings. The core rulebook for Aberrant, the second game in the Trinity Universe setting.

Aberrant is a superpowers game set in the near future. Contents[show] Summary.. Here you can download aberrant core rulebookaberrant core rulebook pdf shared files found in our database: Aberrant Core Rulebook. Aberrant is a super-powered role-playing game released by White Wolf in The following books were published in this line: the Aberrant Core rulebook,.

The original Aberrant rulebook was published back in Aberrant [White Wolf Publishing] on site. Baptized in quantum fires, reborn as incarnate gods, drunk with fame,..

The as a core to create civil works programs Japanese take the news especially to help. Aberrant d Aberrant: Weirder Stuff. These rules are provided as an introduction to the basic game-play of Rezolution, the core rule book. Rezolution: A Dark Tomorrow not only includes the full.Governments jcramble to deal with the phenomenon. The question is - where is he?

Mungu Kuwasha collection facility in Siberia for future is hired for his ability to interfacewith disposal. March Project Utopia announces that bioremedial bacteria recently ntroduced in the worlds oceans, along with a large amount of physical cleanup, NIIIrestore the water quality of the worlds Oceans to pre-lndustnal Revolution levels by As such, their existence means that any particular genetic mutation is statistically much less likely to be fatal to the organism.

Crossover mechanics to bring Aberrant characters into Adventure!

Topics of the meeting include what precisely is going on with the now-weakened Project Utopia, and how to use the groups newfound weakness to dismantle it.

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