Using Twitter is fun and surprisingly easy. It doesn't matter where you access Twitter, — on, or on a desktop or mobile app on your smartphone. Twitter For Beginners. Guidelines. Adapted by Anita Njeri & Zawadi Nyong'o. The Terms: ○ Tweet: A character message. ○ Retweet (RT): Re-sharing or. In this guide, we will help you get comfortable with some important Twitter basics. We'll also introduce What to Tweet: Coming Up with Great Twitter Content.

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Doug Lowe has written a whole bunch of computer books, including more than 35 For Dummies books Networking for Screenwriting For Dummies (For. This guide will give you a brief overview of Twitter, how to get set up, what to tweet Twitter is a real-time social media platform which you can use to increase . DUMmIES ‰ Twitter ™ FOR DUMmIES ‰ by Laura Fitton, Michael E. Gruen, @ pistachio @gruen and Leslie Poston @geechee_girl Foreword by Jack Dorsey.

What you choose is up to you. This helps Twitter recommend accounts for you 6 Interesting Ways to Find New People on Twitter 6 Interesting Ways to Find New People on Twitter Twitter, by its very nature, provides an endless supply of interesting and engaging Twitter accounts just waiting to be discovered.

Here's how to find them. Next, Twitter will ask if you want to import your email contacts so you can easily follow your friends. This is optional, but can help you find people you know more easily. Finally, Twitter will present some suggested accounts to follow, or you can search for a user if you like. Follow any you like, then click Continue. You can click on any of the numbers here to view detailed info.

Almost everyone knows how to use Twitter. But what if you're trying to kickstart a new Twitter account? What if you're trying to break into a new field and need to meet some like-minded folk? Timeline: View the latest tweets from people you follow. Search: Search for any user, hashtag, or other text.

Your account: Click your profile picture to view your Lists and Moments, access your Settings, and more. Who to follow: Here, Twitter suggests accounts you might like based on your Twitter activity. Thankfully, there are at least 20 essential Twitter accounts everybody should follow. Read on to find out what they are.

Get started by running a few searches for your favorite websites and people you follow on other services.

Twitter’s 3 Access Points

Chances are, anyone with a presence on Facebook, Instagram, or similar will also be on Twitter. These 12 Twitter accounts are a great place to start when you're looking for what's new in the world of mobile games. Read More their favorite YouTube personalities and gaming websites. Fashion, government, business, and other industries are huge on Twitter too.

Try following your real-life friends and see what accounts they interact with. You can also mouse over any username in your timeline for a quick summary, including a follow button. Twitter will suggest them on the right sidebar, and it also shows you what people you follow Like, helping you find new accounts.

Find the Edit profile button on the right side of the screen, and you can make a few important changes so your profile is more personable Twitter's New Profiles Are Here: Make Use Of Them! What is this new Twitter profile all about? Activate it and make use of it! Select your header or profile photo to change them. By default, your avatar is a generic outline. Twitter recommends an image of x pixels for your profile photo.

Your cover photo is a larger image at the top of your profile. Twitter recommends a 1, x image for this one. These sites will give you that quality header in no time.

Read More for visitors to enjoy. Don't worry if this sounds difficult. I'll guide you through it every step of the way. Read More to flesh out your profile. Finally, adjusting your Theme color changes the colors of buttons, links, and more on your page. You can also add your birthday, and decide who can see it. Select from Public, We follow each other, Only me, and more. What Can I Put in a Tweet? Aside from text, you can add plenty of multimedia elements into a tweet.

First are hashtags and usernames. We discussed hashtags above; usernames are always preceded with the symbol. For instance, the official Twitter account is Twitter. Adding an username in your tweet notifies the mentioned account and acts as a link to their page if someone clicks it.

Speak it fluently yourself with these perfect reaction GIFs tools. Read More , and polls. Of course, you can also add links to tweets and Twitter will automatically shorten them. Twitter has finally launched a built-in option to conduct public polls. It's completely free and works on both mobile and desktop. Read More and select between two and four options for people to choose from.

Using the Poll length option, you can allow the poll to run a minimum of five minutes to a maximum of seven days. However, I recommend that you let Twitter build your list with your current e-mail contacts.

If you need to build a list quickly, this is a great way to do it, especially if you already have an e-mail list of customers and potential customers. Twitter gives you the ability to use your Gmail, Yahoo!

You have the ability to find your friends! On the Interests page that appears, click different topics that may interest you. Twitter opens a new page that allows you to find different sources that interest you. If you click a certain section like Business , you are given different users to follow. You can choose to follow the individuals displayed or move on by clicking the blue button called Next step: Friends.

Click the Next Step: Friends button. Twitter searches your e-mail address book and LinkedIn account to show you which contacts have Twitter accounts if 56 any of them do , so you can conveniently follow them. You can see what the results page looks like after Twitter is done searching your e-mail address book. Select an e-mail platform you have an account with Twitter supports Gmail, Yahoo! Twitter will show the different users in your address book who are either already using Twitter or could be requested to join the site.

If you find someone you think should be using Twitter, click the Send Request button. As seen in Figure , click the Follow button green plus button to start following contacts who are already using Twitter. After you have followed your contacts you have three choices.

You can either click the blue Finish button at the bottom of the page, use the search box to search people by name, or go back to the interests page to search for more users.

Click the Blue Finish Button If you get a direct message or a tweet from someone who says he or she is from Twitter and asks for your password, report that user because Twitter never asks for that information. Figure Enter your e-mail and e-mail password to search for people you know on Twitter. You can make your full name an important part of marketing on Twitter. Your name may not break a campaign or a sales lead, but you always have that possibility.

Remember that in order to create a real and lasting relationship with your customers on Twitter, you need to be open and honest about your identity. I discuss the importance of a good Twitter username in more depth in Chapter 4, but plain and simple: people download from people.

People connect with people, and social media including Twitter provide you a great place to make a connection that can help you sell. Stick with your real name. If people are searching for your business on Twitter, you want them to find you easily. If you run into the occasional name stealer on Twitter you can ask Twitter to take your name back. Twitter calls the culprit a name-squatter.

However, you need to meet a couple of information guidelines before Twitter will take your name back from the culprit. You may be concerned that someone can steal your e-mail address or personal identity from Twitter. If so, create a new e-mail address just for Twitter. Use Gmail, Yahoo! Just remember to monitor it regularly because all the notifications about 60 account activity — including people who start following you — are sent to that e-mail address.

You know everyone does it! Give in to the peer pressure! I know you want to follow Ashton Kutcher and read his every muse and thought. If you are like most of the Twitter users, you are probably following a celebrity or famous person and have noticed the Verified Account logo. The verified account logo is a turquoise check mark in the upper right side of the account screen.

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As seen in Figure , this logo is seen on a twitter profile of well known celebrities, artists, athletes, actors, public officials, and public agencies. This basically means that the wonderful staff at Twitter contacted the person using the account and verified the representation of that account. They basically checked to see the user was real. Figure The blue Twitter check signifies that the person using the account is actually who they say they are. Probably not, but if you must have something verified because of a weird fascination with due process, listen up.

Twitter does not promise that your account will be verified; they simply give you a form to fill out that includes name, information, and other pieces of content that will help the Twitter lords verify your validity.

To increase your chances of receiving the trusted blue check mark, add a Twitter badge to your website or blog. This is not a verified way no pun intended to receive the check mark, but it could help your overall chances.

Twitter For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Writing your character bio and more You use the bio to let the world know who you are. What are your hobbies, your interests, and your passions? Use plain language and keywords that people would normally search for. Put that in. Are you a corporate travel planner for veterinarians?

A drop down box appears with the Settings link. This takes you to your Settings page, as shown in Figure Figure The Settings tab gives you plenty of edit options. Click the profile tab between Notices and Design to edit your profile information. In the Bio text box under your website URL , you have up to characters to talk about yourself.

Also on this page, you have the option to enter your website URL. Be sure to enter the URL in the Web text box, too. You also have the opportunity to choose to add your location to your Tweets. When you are at a party and you want to add 63 your location, click the add your location section in Settings.

You will not attract stalkers. Twitter gives you the ability to turn your location off and on before each tweet. Figure The Twitter default avatar apparently is based on a bird egg. To change your Twitter picture, follow these steps: 64 1. Click your Twitter user name in the top right of the page and click the settings sub-link. This takes you to your Twitter Account page.

Click the Profile tab, shown in Figure Click the Choose File button. A dialog box appears that lets you browse for an image on your computer.

Select the image you want and then click the Open or OK button. Click the Save button. After a few moments, Twitter displays your new avatar on your profile page. It may take a few seconds to display your Twitter profile picture. Be patient and your beautiful face or logo will be displayed in due time. Your profile picture is meant to help others identify you easily and tell a bit more about you to those who may not know you.

A logo for your business or product may be a good choice for your picture, but if your company has a spokesperson or image of an individual that people can relate 65 to, use a photo of this person. Think how you can make the photo as interesting as possible.

Figure The Profile tab lets you upload your own Twitter profile picture. If you want to get catchy and flashy, you could try to add your logo to your picture. Use a picture of yourself and add your logo to the left or right side of your profile picture.

Whatever image you choose, make sure you have permission to use it to avoid getting in trouble. By breaking the Twitter law, your account could be deleted or suspended. Remember your followers! Completing your additional profile settings As you may have already noticed, there are additional tabs to complete in order to fully realize your Twitter profile potential.

Account: The Account tab allows you to change your Twitter username and the e-mail associated with your account. You can change the time zone you are tweeting from, add a location to your profile page, and designate what language you plan on writing your tweets in.

There are also options to Tweet Media and Tweet Privacy. The Tweet Media option allows you to see media from everyone on Twitter instead of just the people you are following. The Tweet Privacy check box keeps your tweets private to only people you approve. Password: This tab allows you to change your current password or get your old password if you have forgotten it.

Just click the Forget your password? Make sure you click the start button to verify your number in order to start receiving messages.

Notices: The Notices tab allows you to select or unselect different permissions Twitter has to contact you. You can receive messages via e-mail when someone starts following you, you receive a new direct message, or when Twitter has a news or update announcement.

Design: You have the ability to change the look and feel of your Twitter account when people visit you at Twitter. This tab allows you to select a background design theme, change to a customized background image, and change your design colors.

Check out Themeleon www. The site has thousands of different theme images, background patterns, and layouts. But here are the Twitter basics: 68 Tweets: A tweet is a message. You have characters, including spaces, to put down your thoughts.

Rules of grammar and punctuation fly out the window when you send a Tweet. You can make your messages deep and philosophical, clever, funny, informational, educational, a question, an answer, or what you had on your bagel for breakfast this morning.

Figure You can reply to a tweet by clicking on the backward arrow next to it. Figure replies show others who you are talking to and what conversation you were replying to. Hashtags : You can use hashtags to create groupings and help generate popularity around a particular keyword or topic. You can create a hashtag about a city, local event, news event, brand, sports team, or anything you want by preceding it with the hash mark.

When you include a hashtag in a tweet, it becomes clickable. In Figure , you can see an example of a tweet with a hashtag. Figure Hashtags, such as prsacle and Cleveland, make it easier for others to find tweets about a particular topic.

You also have the ability to send direct messages directly to the individual through your Messages Inbox on your profile, as shown in Figure Beginning a message with DM still sends it out to the general timeline, which means it is public for all to see. You do have the ability to search for all messages that started 72 with DM and display them for all to see — angry messages, breakups, and Twitter sex. You need to shorten the URL so that you can save yourself some characters.

Most URL shorteners shrink the links to anywhere from 16 to 20 characters.

Figure Direct messages give you a private means to communicate with others on Twitter. Get a URL shortener that offers tracking so that you can see how many people have clicked on your shortened 73 links. Lists: Twitter recently released a function called Lists which gives users the ability to organize people they follow in groups or lists.

Lists help when you may not want to follow a user but still want to keep track of their happenings on the site. They can be used as an extremely effective way to organize and build followings around certain subject matters and topics.

If you can imagine a wall of your favorite Twitter users all in one screen as seen in Figure , you have the basics of the Twitter lists.

You can even group people you are not following into a list!

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram For Seniors For Dummies

Thanks for that, Twitter! Figure Twitter lists allow you to group Twitter accounts in one stream for maximum efficiency! Compiling and following lists gives you the ability to follow multiple people and give you an overview of what they are sharing through the twitosphere.

These are the best ways to use the lists feature: Create an Experts List: You can use lists to help highlight individuals that share thoughtful content or help you in your online endeavors.

Customer Rewards List: Create a list to help promote your clients! This is a huge opportunity to help your clients connect with like minded individuals and makes you look good as well! Create a list for your Location: Lists centered on a specific location are extremely powerful because they group different people together from one area.

If you know a ton of people who love attending a specific restaurant create a list for that specific restaurant. Another idea would be to create lists around your extracurricular activities, such as church or softball.

By creating, compiling, and following lists in your area of expertise, you have the ability to grow your following and knowledge base. Using Listorious to maximize list building Twitter lists can become pretty overwhelming if you do not have a system to categorize, track, add, and link to different lists.

As seen in Figure , Listorious offers a well segmented directory of lists as well as tagged searches based on keywords. Figure Listorious allows you to categorize and search for different lists on Twitter! Listorious offers a collection of lists across various categories, such as marketing, media, social media, finance, humor, and auto repair. Lists are ranked by how many people 76 follow them, which gives you the ability to see the popular lists on Twitter.

Listorious will only work for Twitter users who have lists that have been made public. Be sure you make your lists public before using Listorious! Understanding the Twitter Business Center The Twitter world has been waiting with bated breath for the release of the promised Twitter Business Center.

As of the writing of this book, the business center has not been released upon the world. However, it is important to understand the basics and implications of this business application. Because the business center is being tested, Mashable www. Upon receiving the invite, they are asked to submit information pertaining to their business.

The business needs to be verified much like a verified account 77 for a celebrity on the site. After the account has been activated, four tabs appear in the business center mainframe: Overview: The overview provides basic information about each account, like name, address, etc.

Business Info: You have the ability to change the information you submitted upon registration for the business center. Verification: Twitter will verify your account as a business and a verified account badge will appear on your profile.

Multiple users, here we come! You might be frowning because Twitter is teasing us with new features without giving us any idea of when we can use the application.

However, it is encouraging to see Twitter at least working towards giving businesses the upper hand when using their site. Twitter was investigating the amount of power individual niche lists would create on their platform.


After seeing the success from the lists application, they have started to create specific applications for business use on Twitter, including the Twitter Business Center and Promoted Tweets. The solution? Use software that makes reading, replying, and of course tweeting easier. It also organizes everything into columns so that you can see everything on one screen.

TweetDeck allows you to manage multiple accounts and update your Facebook and LinkedIn status.

HootSuite allows you to manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, and other social accounts in one area. Columns help you organize the different accounts, replies, and direct messages. DestroyTwitter uses tabs — called canvases — for different groups, and you are given the option to view your account in a column view, as you can in TweetDeck. Spaz also has a mobile version available for the Palm Pre. You can find a lot of other desktop and mobile clients available, several of which use Adobe AIR.

You may feel like Twitter is just adding one more thing on your plate. Well, break the plate! In this part, you dive into the world of productivity, setting goals and finding success in the world of Twitter marketing. Millions of people use Twitter. How do you reach them in a strategic way? You absolutely must have a strategy and set goals if you want to successfully market your business on Twitter.

This part breaks down the topics of creating a Twitter marketing plan, building your followers, and taking best advantage of this wonderful communication tool. Not sure where to start? Read our quick guide , and then use this competitive analysis template to design a social marketing strategy that will leave your competitors in the dust.

This will encourage them to engage with your brand and eventually become customers and advocates. Audit and take charge of your Twitter accounts Depending on the size of your company and your goals, you may want to use a single Twitter account or multiple accounts for different departments or functions. If multiple people in your organization are already using Twitter, auditing and consolidating existing accounts is key. How important is this? When the Vancouver Canucks hockey team deleted rogue accounts and launched official social media channels as part of their social strategy, they were able to strategically grow their Twitter fan base by percent.

Integrate Twitter with overall social strategy Teams working in large or growing organizations can find themselves working in silos. If you find this happening to your social marketing team, make sure you keep tearing down those silos and stay connected to other teams. Their work can be a rich source of information and assets to share with your followers. And they may be gathering insights that can open up new opportunities for your Twitter strategy.

Each network has its own unique characteristics and user base, so while applying the same strategy to multiple networks might seem like a shortcut, it might cost you more in engagement and authenticity than it saves you in time and effort. Nail your strategy on one network at a time, keeping it unique and fresh. For a head start charting your strategy, download our social media templates that cover everything from social media strategy and audits to content calendars and bulk message uploading for Hootsuite.

Our list of 33 Twitter tools you can use in your marketing strategy is broken down by function to help you find the tools you need to market your business more efficiently on Twitter. Find industry influencers to connect with. Analyze your competition to find detailed information on their tweets, mentions, hashtags, followers, and more.

Find trending topics by content, hashtags, search terms, sources, and more. Edit and add images to your tweets. Manage who you follow and unfollow to add valuable new information to your Twitter feed—and remove inactive and spammy followers. Image via Hootsuite on Twitter.

Complete and optimize your profile A strategically optimized Twitter profile can do far more than just share your name, handle, and description.

With a few quick tweaks, you can boost the visual impact of your profile; target a precise physical location or general area; help customers find other Twitter profiles your company manages; and make it easier for people to interact with your brand and start conversations about your products. For all the details, see our video on optimizing your profile settings on Twitter.

Get verified When people see that you are verified by Twitter, they know that they can trust your content—and your brand. Add your Twitter handle to your website, email signatures, the side of your delivery truck, and wherever else it makes sense to show it off. What topics are they interested in? What kinds of content do they respond to? Who do they engage with? These are all important factors to consider when participating in social media listening. For more information on how to find influencers on Twitter and build valuable relationships with them, take a look at our complete guide to influencer marketing on social media.

Our guide to social media listening lists tools you can use: Twitter Advanced Search lets you narrow down your searches, search by negative or positive sentiment, explore relevant hashtags, and much more. Hootsuite makes it easy to set up streams that allow you to not only monitor conversations and keywords, but respond or assign the response to someone else on your team.

And with Hootsuite Insights , you can monitor social media networks, news sources, and blogs to stay on top of trends, understand the conversations happening around your brand, and discover which content is resonating with your audience. Here are the basics for writing a great tweet: Help your audience To create content your audience will actually read and use, it helps to never stop learning about their interests, needs, and fears. In addition to reading their tweets and engaging directly with them, you can also use apps like Trendspottr to find and share trending content.

Mix up the length of tweets, and remember to use a URL shortener like Ow.By placing the symbol in front of a username, you can tag another user in your Tweet.

When you know how to access the individual page for each tweet, you can also link to that tweet directly if you choose to respond to it in a longer format outside of Twitter, such as a blog post.

As a speaker and leading authority in social networking, new media, brand and business development, she is the Founder and CEO of Uptown Uncorked social media and business development consultancy. That process can become complicated because of the large size and diversity of the Twitter ecosystem. The following sections describe how the book is organized.

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