and Guys Read: Other Worlds delivers ten tales of science fiction and fantasy from authors Rick Riordan, Rebecca Stead,. Ray Bradbury, Tom Angleberger, and. Guys Read: Other Worlds; illus. by Greg Ruth. Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson is here, cracking jokes and saving the world as he does, and Download PDF. Guys Read: Other Worlds has 20 entries in the series.

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Other Worlds, the fourth volume in Jon Scieszka's Guys Read anthology series for tween boys, features ten thrilling new tales of science fiction and fantas. OTHER WORLDS. Discussion GuiDe in THe GuYs ReAD LiBRARY oF GReAT ReADinG. VoLuMe 4 ks.,. m. ly he os. gy s n ic dor lyn d line bia, ard. Other Worlds, the fourth volume in Jon Scieszka's Guys Read anthology series for tween boys, features ten thrilling new tales of science fiction and fantasy, ISBN .

What we haven't done with boys is we haven't really given them a broad range of reading. In schools, what's seen as reading is so narrow: The Guys Read website includes a large list of "books that guys read", instructions as to how to start a Guys Read "field office" or book club , a blog, and links to many boy-loved authors' websites.

Guys Write for Guys Read , the first book to come out of the program, is a compilation that features over eighty stories and illustrations from noted male authors and illustrators who shared stories from their own childhoods. In , Scieszka started the Guys Read Library of Great Reading — collections of original short stories by male and female authors who boys enjoy reading, grouped by genre. The first volume is humor, Guys Read: Funny Business ; the second is mystery, Guys Read: Thriller ; the third is sports, Guys Read: The Sports Pages.

Other Worlds. The fifth volume's theme is nonfiction, titled Guys Read: True Stories. A sixth volume, whose theme is horror, titled Guys Read: Terrifying Tales, was released on September 1, This was followed by another volume called Guys Read: Heroes and Villains, in April Guys Read field offices are reading clubs held in homes, classrooms, libraries and bookstores. They are located in 28 U. It was also a decent length at 29 pages.

I really liked it. It's fantasy and I didn't feel like I got enough of a look at the world to really feel it. It also felt a big disjointed to me. I didn't hate it, but it wasn't really my thing either. Machale- This one was quite good. I loved that we assume one thing and then get a big twist at the end, it really surprised me. And the whole time I was reading I had no idea what to expect. This was one that we didn't need world building for so it worked very well as a short story.

I wouldn't mind more of this particular story actually. Not really to my taste but I can see how some kids boys in particular would enjoy it. This somehow had a well developed world in a very short story. I really loved the setting and connected with the characters surprisingly well. I would love more of this story! I liked the twists though I saw some things coming ahead of time.

It definitely didn't work for me, but I can see how some younger readers would enjoy it. Museum by Kenneth Oppel- This was a pretty decent story.

It had enough development to have enough of a connection with the characters. It was easy to settle into the world since it's our own and I liked what it became. I don't want to spoil, so I won't share more, but it was a good story! It works though. It's silly, but I can see how lots of MG boys would think it's hilarious so I think it's perfect for this book even though it didn't work great for me. However, I know that many will enjoy the story. While I know it's well written and is a unique concept, I'm not sure what kids will think of it.

I would recommend this particular story to more mature readers.

I know Bradbury fans will enjoy the story, so keep that in mind. It's just not my own personal style.

I think it's got a lot of great ones for MG boys, which is what it's aimed at. While the book says ages and grades I don't think I would have my 8 year old read it, nor would I donate this one to her 3rd grade class. I would say maybe 4th grade and up but 5th, 6th and 7th would probably be more along the right age range. You can find this review, and others like it, on my blog at http: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on another planet, be attacked by alien warlords, or even be taken over by evil robo-shoes?

This is the book for you! The Guys Read series have collections of short stories by different authors.

In this book all of the stories are Sci-Fi one of my favorite genres. Rick Riordan wrote a new Percy Jackson short story for the book very cool. I particularly loved Bouncing the Grinning Goat by Shannon Hale because it had a medieval feel to it with swords and mystical powers. There is even one story by Shaun Tan that is completely graphic and pretty cool. I think boys will love this book, although I know a lot of girls who are into Sci-Fi too!

Comenzado 30 de Julio, Terminado de Julio, Pero aunque esperaba mucho que apareciese Annabeth, no lo hace, pero se recompensa en el momento en la que la llama "mi n Comenzado 30 de Julio, Y recuerdo de otros libros su pensamiento constante en ella, sin contar el carisma d Percy que nunca falta y me hace reir mucho. Feb 19, Ellaria goldenlyre rated it really liked it.

I swear to god this short story was hard to find online. I mean seriously it's only 30 pages like wtf?? I almost gave up on it. Thankfully someone finally put it online: Nov 17, Ebru Kazak rated it really liked it.

This book is a brilliant compilation of beautifully written, impressive stories that I'd definitely recommend to any fantasy reader: Especially to young beginners who would no doubt be lured to the genre with it. Oct 21, Sara Ximena rated it it was amazing. Muy corta pero excelente como todo lo de Percy cada escena est an http: Sep 17, Fernanda rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mar 08, Lauren P. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this collection of short stories.

Aug 06, Aaliya added it. I'm, is this fake, never heard this before in my LIFE. We have some rather seriously devoted Percy fans in our school. In this story, Apollo has a rogue backup singer on the loose in New York City who has capabilities to wrack singers with emotional feelings. Percy and Grover are Apollo's chosen minions to track down and catch the backup singer before Apollo's concert on Olympus that night.

And before all of New York is skipping down the street singing one giant Broadway number. My Rating: It was a short adventure with some things that made me quirk a smile. But Riordan's forte is definitely longer stories that can build more. A girl has run away from the craziness of being the middle child of 17, seeking some other kind of adventure. Starving, she applies to be a bouncer at a pub in a small town.

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She tricks her way in, managing to keep the rougher patrons under control by trickery and stern looks. But then some actual bad guys are headed to town and her skills are going to be shown for what they really are unless she can find some way to save the entire town. Also feel like Hale is better at longer stories, and actually would like to see her expand this into one.

MacHale Summary: A scout is out for some survival training in the desert.

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Feeling like he is being held back by the incompetent two group leaders, Kit manages to avoid being in either group and decides he has a better chance of winning the challenge on his own.

The next morning, something strange falls out of the sky near him, and Kit finds himself on a run for his life from this strange machine. MacHale does a great job of building suspense and drawing the reader into Kit's fight for his life. He also masterfully does a slow reveal that all is not as the reader first assumes. There's a great twist to this one.

Robotic shoes are going to overthrow their overly demanding humans until they are overcome by a new enemy. It was just ok for me. It was definitely a short, fast read. The illustrations that accompanied this were creative and humorous.

It really doesn't have much to it beyond the illustrations and the ranting of the RoboShoes' leader. A ship of space colonists is nearing their final destination after 65 years of travel, which is a good thing because water and some other resources are becoming scarce.

A highly stratified social structure has also emerged, and those lower on this ladder can't wait for the freedom to escape the others. Tanner and Morena are two of those. They are both orphans, as their parents have died en route. Morena lives with the only remaining original colonist, and he begins to tell the two teens that the landing on the new planet is not going to go as the other colonists suspect.

Tanner and Morena start investigating what he means, like why water is becoming scarce when it was supposed to be recycled over the years? And why is the ship not coming into the correct orbit around the planet?

The mystery holds grave implications for their survival. The story did a good job of building a new world, introducing characters that weren't too flat, and uncovering the deep secrets involved in the ship's mission at a good pace.

It was well written and fully satisfying even though it was only 40ish pages long. A boy tells how his family vacation was ruined by something that happened to him, and resulted in ruining some very big plans. He starts to grow a tail on vacation. His family rushes him back to the alien doctors, and they reveal this was the plan all along. To infect the Earth with a virus that turns everyone into cat form. The boy's mom doesn't like that plan and the family runs away with the virus before the aliens can infect the Earth.

The idea was ok, but the execution was lacking. Told mostly through pictures, the artist tells about one day in his highly unusual world. I liked the whimsical activities of the artist in his imaginary world, and the art was intriguing to accompany the sparse words.

But it was hard to really tell what exactly was going on, and I was intrigued enough to desire more info. Museum" by Kenneth Oppel Summary: A boy and his dad are on a train trip.

They are delayed at a stop for several hours and are bored. A man offers them a ride to a nearby museum, and they decide why not. The museum is pretty much just a random collection of stuff, and not much of note.


But in one room they go into an exhibit to see a ghost boy. The museum's guide is convinced the boy can communicate with the ghost boy, and he actually offers to download the kid from his dad. A bit freaked out, both dad and boy are eager to get back to the train. But the ghost boy follows and it is up to the kid to free him. I also don't really care for ghost stories at all, so this was my least favorite of the collection. Two nerdy boys who are always the last ones picked for any kind of athletic game find themselves the last of the kids near the basketball courts still standing when some strange big kids show up.

The big kids demand that the boys play, but they quickly catch on that these guys don't know the rules so they tell them. The strangers are horrified by breaking rules, and the quick thinking boys realize they can use this to their favor.

They win the basketball game, and then use the same tactics on the following capture the flag game. The strangers are really aliens who have rules that they must defeat a planet in 3 challenges before they can fully invade. Nylund builds a convincing alien race with a culture solidly committed to rules, and the two quick-witted little kids who catch on, take advantage of this, and shockingly proceed to save the entire planet.

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Nylund was the only author in this story collection I had never read before. I'm now going to hunt down some of his other stories because this was fun with good writing and a decent plot line.

The people living on a planet near the sun have only 8 days to live. They mature at incredible rates due to the radiation they are exposed to.

They have collective memories, so even those just a day old know that something is wrong and this isn't always how things have been.

Sim is determined to find a way to live longer. He is determined to make it to one of the ships the original ancestors came in that is still visible on a mountain. But on top of only living for 8 days, the climate is not very conducive to hiking to a nearby mountain.

The nights are freeze-to-death cold, and the days are burn-to-an-ashy-heap hot. There are only limited hours when it is safe to emerge from the caves, and those are often absorbed with gathering food and fighting for better caves with greater radiation protection and thereby longer lives.

The ship dramatically slows their aging. So Sim goes back to bring more people to help pilot the ship and go to somewhere safer where they can live much longer. I could never get myself to really care about Sim and his plight. Not my favorite Bradbury offering.

Overall, several great entertaining offerings in this mix. Even though this is a Guys Read offering, I'm sure many girls will enjoy it as well. It is so much easier to get girls to read "guy" books than vice versa.

Guys Read: Other Worlds

Pretty much as soon as they find out Percy Jackson has an exclusive story in here I won't be able to keep it on the shelves, and hopefully they'll find some other authors to explore as well.

Notes on content: No swearing. No sexual content. MacHale's story has machines firing at a person, but the person evades it with only minor scratches, though the city is attacked. But no details are given. The Oppel story had threatened violence, but nothing acted out. Shusterman's story has several people dying by slamming into a mountain, but no gory details. Bradbury's story is probably the most violent. Stones are used as weapons and several people are cut in fighting, one person's eye is destroyed, and there are some details of this.

Also, the people in this story get thrills by trying to outrun avalanches, and Sim describes seeing a red pool under rocks where someone didn't make it. Sep 14, Jyoti Dahiya rated it really liked it. A mixed bag of stories for teens.

I'll take you story-by-story through this collection. Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo by Rick Riordan is a short story in which Percy gets up to his usual shenanigans. Like a short episode from any of th A mixed bag of stories for teens. Like a short episode from any of the Percy Jackson books.

Bouncing the Grinning Goat by Shannon Hale is about a teen girl who joins the Grinning Goat inn as a bouncer under false pretences, but makes it all work in the end. One of the best stories in the book. He is attacked by an alien device. Is it the precursor to an invasion of the world?

A completely unexpected ending. I liked this story quite a bit. The illustrations are like someone who just learned to use MS Paint would do. The story is not much better.

This may go down okay with the year-old crowd, but maybe not. Not the best story in the book. The Dirt on Our Shoes by Neal Shusterman is about a generation ship which is soon due to make planetfall.

Guys Read: Other Worlds

Some of the kids on the ship are better students, less questioning, more privileged. Some are barely surviving, and struggle to eat enough, let alone be able to afford luxuries like bathing water. Which of them is going to be the ones needed on the new colony? Slightly predictable for non-young-adult readers.

Plan B by Rebecca Stead had me scratching my head to get to understand what was going on, but the denouement was quite a surprise. A Day in the Life by Shaun Tan is a graphic story aka comic. Reasonably well drawn, but not such a great plot. Again, not the best story in the book. Very nicely done atmosphere and tension.

And a surprising end. Very satisfying. The Warlords of Recess by Eric Nylund is a light story about cunning empire-builders who take over planets based on Rules which they follow rigorously, and to the detriment of the taken-over.

They meet their match in a high school playground during recess. Fair, but slightly writing-down-to-kids type stuff. Say, of the style of the Spy Kids movies. Frost and Fire by Ray Bradbury rounds off the book. It's about a planet where the days are super short, and the weather is super dangerous. Humans there have evolved to match the planet. People live only for a week. The hero and heroine of the piece try to save the people by attempting to reach the old lander, where things would presumably be better.

A really old style Bradbury story. People would classify this as pure fantasy today, but back then when it was written, it was viable SF. A fairly good read, if not a fully satisfactory end.

Why did they leave most of the people in the bad situation, I keep wondering.Is this a hoax? Viking, Friend Reviews. Museum" by Kenneth Oppel Summary: The series has been made into a television show. Harper Collins. You could take any filler chapter in a PJO book and replace it with this one, or vice versa.

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