The 4 Day Diet is actually not a diet at all, according to its creator Dr. Ian Smith. According to Smith, the average weight loss is 10 to 12 lbs per month on the diet. According to Smith's book, "The 4-Day Diet," the induction module's purpose is to cleanse and detoxify the body. The 4 Day Thyroid Diet Review – Does It Work? PDF Free The 4 Day Diet was created by Dr. Ian Smith. This diet is designed with 7 different modules, each . The 4 Day Diet plan encourages diet variety and exercise to help with weight loss . WebMD reviews the pros and cons of this diet.

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The 4 Day Diet will help dieters to avoid the common pitfalls of dieting including boredom, not allowing treats, too much repetition and plateaus. Multiply your current weight by 12 = the calories you burn per day. Pick and choose from these menu items for a 4 day off meal plan for the Military Diet. Choose. Take weight off fast with Dr. Ian Smith's Customized 4 Day Diet Modules! You can follow The 4 Day Diet straight through for a month with stunning results.

The researchers found that ADF was more effective for fat loss and preserving fat-free mass, including muscle.

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Due to the military diet's recommended daily calorie intake of 1, to 1, calories on the first 3 days, it is not possible to classify it as either a VLCD or an ADF program. Although calorie intake on the military diet is too high to count as fasting, the approach of eating normally on the 4 days off mimics the practice of intermittent fasting.

Therefore, people may achieve better long-term results by following this diet rather than a low-calorie diet. Further research is necessary to confirm any specific benefits of the military diet. Conclusion The military diet involves restricting calorie consumption on 3 days and then eating a regular diet for the next 4 days.

To optimize their weight loss, people may wish to try reducing calories on the 4 rest days too.

Following the military diet may be effective and harmless in the short term, but long-term adherence has associated risks. These include regaining the lost weight afterward, especially if people are reducing their calorie intake on all days of the week. The diet is very limited in choice and includes some foods that are high in saturated fat, salt, and sugar.

It also promotes eating unhealthful processed meats and underemphasizes vegetable consumption. Adopting healthful eating habits every day is a more sustainable approach to losing weight and maintaining weight loss.

Q: What is the safest way to lose weight quickly? A: There is no one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss. However, overconsuming carbohydrates in the form of sugar is one of the main culprits of weight gain, particularly if a person's exercise regimen does not match their carbohydrate intake. One cup of sugar provides calories.

A person could eat 12 cups of grapes for the same calories, and these have a lot more nutrients and provide more satiety. To lose weight safely, remove all added sugars from your diet. Scan the pantry, refrigerator, and freezer and remove or avoid products containing any form of added sugar on the ingredient list.

It's also printed below. There's no calorie counting, no weird foods.

Menu for the 4 Day Diet by Dr. Ian Smith

Just sticking to the planned menus. And at the end of the four days, you'll have lost at least four pounds; some people as much as There's just something about the mix of foods and the order in which you eat them that really works!

I have to admit that the first time I did it, I lost about seven pounds and the last time, only five.

My copy became very well worn. And so I'm off!

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I'll let you know at the end of the week how it went. In the meantime, you just might want to tuck this diet away. Cinnamon Oatmeal: Walnut Waffles and Berries: Florentine Egg and English Muffin: Pear and Almond-Butter Toast: Tomato-Basil Ricotta Toast: Blend in a blender 1 cup plain soy milk, 1 banana, 1 tablespoon honey, 2 tablespoons oatmeal and 1 tablespoon of flax seeds.

Tuna Pita: Serve in a 4 inch whole-wheat pita with 2 leaves lettuce. Eat 1 cup of grapes on the side. Protein Salad: Toss 2 cups lettuce, 1 cup chopped raw vegetables, 1 hard-boiled egg, 2 teaspoons of raisins and 2 teaspoons of almonds.

Top with 2 teaspoons of balsamic dressing. Mediterranean Plate: Veggie Lunch: Vegetarian Quesadilla: Tuna Walnut Greens: Toss 2 cups of spring greens, 3 ounces of tuna, 3 tablespoons of walnuts, and 1 cup of grape tomatoes cut in half. Top with 2 teaspoons of balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Turkey, Pear and Swiss Sandwich: Black-Bean Wrap: Chicken Salad Pita: Stuff inside a whole wheat pita. You can eat the slaw in the burger or on the side.It's exactly what I need to get me jump started back into mindful eating.

It allows some carbs like brown rice and beans or lentils.

Menu for the 4 Day Diet by Dr. Ian Smith

Finally, the pace mode allows for dieters to relax somewhat with their diet and adjust to newly formed eating habits. Finally, the pace mode allows for dieters to relax somewhat with their diet and adjust to newly formed eating habits.

download it! Fruit includes 1 apple, 1 pear, 1 c of berries.

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