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Learning offensive security allows you to test and refine your defenses. Malicious actors know how to compromise systems and networks. Those who have accepted the responsibility of defending our technology must learn how compromises occur in order to defend against them. The Current Security Landscape Technology can be used for good or evil. The same technology that is used to make organizations and countries more productive can be used to steal, surveil, and do harm.

This duality means that the technology we create to help us will sometimes hurt us, that technology used to fight for human rights can also be used to violate them, and that tools used to protect us can also be used to attack us.

Respect your enemy. Malicious actors have a variety of motivations and tactics, and the scale and complexity of their attacks are increasing. Most funds were not recovered after being routed to accounts in the Philippines and diverted to casinos there. The attack was attributed to two Russian adversary groups. The attackers sabotaged power-distribution equipment, thus complicating attempts to restore power.

The attack prompted discussions about the vulnerabilities in industrial control systems ICSs and was linked to Russia.

The security industry is also evolving. Malware solutions based on machine learning are replacing signature-based solutions. Cybersecurity conferences, degree programs, and training are increasingly popular.

The security industry is responding to increasing cyberattacks with new tools, ideas, and collaborations. Attackers have different motivations. Some are financially motivated and aim to make the biggest profit possible, some are politically motivated and aim to undermine governments or steal state secrets, some are motivated by a social cause and are called hacktivists, and some are angry and just want revenge.

Recognizing an Attack When an attack occurs, there are always the same questions. How did the attacker get in? How long have they been inside the network? What could we have done to prevent it? Attacks can be difficult to detect, and bad actors can stay in the environment for a prolonged amount of time.

Ethical hacking helps you learn how to recognize when an attack is underway or about to begin so you can better defend the assets you are protecting. Some attacks are obvious.

Denial-of- service and ransomware attacks announce themselves. However, most attacks are stealth attacks intended to fly under the radar and go unnoticed by security personnel and products alike. It is important to know how different types of attacks take place so they can be properly recognized and stopped.

Some attacks have precursors—activities that can warn you an attack is imminent. A ping sweep followed by a port scan is a pretty good indication that an attack has begun and can be used as an early warning sign. Although tools exist to help detect certain activities, it takes a knowledgeable security professional to maintain and monitor systems.

Security tools can fail, and many can be easily bypassed. Relying on tools alone will give you a false sense of security. Hacking tools are just IT tools that are good when used for sanctioned purposes and bad when used for malicious purposes. The tools are the same, just applied toward different ends. Many tools will be mentioned throughout this book.

Tools that will help you recognize an attack are covered specifically in Chapters 7 and 8 as well as dispersed throughout the book. A penetration tester will use the same tools and tactics as a malicious attacker, but in a controlled and secure way. This allows an organization to understand how a bad actor might get into the environment, how they might move around inside of the environment, and how they might exfiltrate data.

This also enables the organization to determine the impact of attacks and identify weaknesses. Emulating attacks allows an organization to test the effectiveness of security defenses and monitoring tools. Defense strategies can then be refined based on lessons learned. A penetration test is more than a vulnerability scan.

During a vulnerability scan, an automated scanning product is used to probe the ports and services on a range of IP addresses. Most of these tools gather information about the system and software and correlate the information with known vulnerabilities. This results in a list of vulnerabilities, but it does not provide an idea of the impact those vulnerabilities could have on the environment. During a penetration test, attack emulations are performed to demonstrate the potential business impact of an attack.

Testers go beyond creating a list of code and configuration vulnerabilities and use the perspective of a malicious attacker to perform controlled attacks. The ebook looks at 50 different ways that a teacher or pupil can use a Chromebook in their classroom. Each of the 50 ways includes suggestions of use, concentrating on using the core G Suite apps for creative and varied learning opportunities.

What is your memorable moment or the greatest accomplishment the pupils have made?

What makes a teacher or student smile with pride? Throughout the summer, we will be celebrating by sharing your stories, as part of our year book, about what makes your school or college great.

Read the latest edition here or subscribe to get the weekly e-bulletin straight to your inbox. For details on how to use this information in SIMS, please read on to view the documentation. Monday 24th June Over Hertfordshire school teams took part in Herts for Learning maths challenge Over primary and secondary school teams across Hertfordshire have taken part in the Herts for Learning maths challenge for pupils in Year 5, Year 7 and Year 8.

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The bespoke CPD annual programme, consisting of three one-day events and an inspirational twilight session, enables practitioners to support and improve outcomes for young children. Monday 10th June New anti-knife crime school lessons ahead of summer The Home Office has been working with the Personal, Social, Health and Economic PSHE Association and teachers to create new and improved school curriculum materials on knife crime ahead of the summer holidays.

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It will be used as a place to publish documents, share news items, update the network, and share our views via the twitter feed. For more information see here. Curriculum intent, implementation and impact will be examined in turn to identify how schools can create a primary languages curriculum that will engage, support, challenge and inspire learners.

On the other hand, hospitals are being held for ransom, power grids are being shut down, intellectual property and secrets are being stolen, and cybercrime is a booming industry. Book a 15 minute call with an expert.

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A penetration test is more than a vulnerability scan. The Current Security Landscape Technology can be used for good or evil. The first text adventure game, Colossal Cave Adventure , from which Adventure was fashioned, included several secret words.

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