Be the first to ask a question about Fantastic Feluda Set Gopa Majumdar into English and the renowned journalist Ashok Jain has translated those in Marathi. Feluda Somogro-1 is a most popular (Famous) book of Satyajit Ray. Just click Free download or read online ✅Feluda Somogro-1 bangla book from the category of Satyajit Ray. Portable Document Format (PDF) file size of Feluda Somogro-1 is MB. If you want to read online Dhongsho Pahar Masud Rana Series. of 31 results for Books: Marathi Books: Satyajit Ray . Londonmadhye Feluda + 2 Katha. by Satyajit Fantastic Feluda Black Set (4 Books).

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Fantastic Feluda Blue Set(6 books) (Marathi) Paperback Books- download Fantastic Feluda Blue Set(6 books) (Marathi) Books online at lowest price with Rating. Feluda All Parts Satyajit Ray Books Pdf. satyajit-ray-feluda. Feluda Series was written by a great writer Satyajit Ray (2 May – 23 April ). Satyajit Ray. All Books by Satyajit Ray including Feluda, Professor Shonku, Tarini Khuro and short stories pdf download free.

He says it comes in handy sometimes. He is also fond of Tintin , specially his cousin Topshe is a fan of Tintin. Some of the Feluda stories and films have many references of The Adventures of Tintin. Feluda is protective and caring about his cousin, yet he always keeps picking mistakes or humor of or from Topshe.

Topshe, the narrator, greatly admires his brother and loves to be with his adventures. Feluda, has no interest in any woman, and not even is there a female character except some minor like Topshe's mother. John Watson. Just like the former army surgeon, Topshe is the quintessential accomplice and faithfully records each of Prodosh Mitra's exploits accurately.

Topshe is a smart teenager. In the first story of Feluda series i. Feludar Goyendagiri , Topshe was thirteen and a half where Feluda's age was twenty seven, just the double of Topshe. Though Feluda often teases his young cousin, he is extremely fond and very protective of him. Feluda lives with Topshe's family. Topshe's father, Binay Mitra is the younger brother of Feluda's father, and therefore his uncle, and they all reside at 21, Rajani Sen Road, Kolkata Formerly, they all used to live in Tara road, Kolkata.

Though not mentioned explicitly, Topshe is good-looking, fair, tall and handsome, as per different illustrations made by Satyajit Ray himself. Detailed knowledge regarding Topshe's high school education is not available, but he used to go to school during the adventure of Sonar Kella the sixth book of Feluda series.

In the film adaptation of Sonar Kella, Topshe's mother shows her concern regarding his career and study as he spends a lots of time in case solving with Feluda.

By the time of Kailashe Kelenkari the eighth book of the series he have had his secondary examination 'Madhyamik Pariksha'. Just like Feluda, Topshe also used to read lot of books to enhance his knowledge. Topshe often gets his lessons from Feluda himself.

In many cases, Feluda tests his deductive knowledge and he usually passes the test satisfactorily. In the movie Sonar Kella Topshe's father aptly said that Topshe is a lucky boy who got Feluda as his mentor. Topshe is fond of 'Adventures of Tintin' comic series. In the book Kailashe Kelenkari, he is found reading 'Tintin in Tibet'. Topshe always takes an active part in Feluda's adventure.

To mention a few, he and Jatayu a. Lalmohan Ganguly sneaks into a warehouse in 'Patan' Nepal to discover vast collection of smuggled narcotics book Jato Kando Kathmandute ; finds out the stabbed body of a missing man in the woods book Darjeeling Jomjomat ; replaces the pink pearl with a fake for safe-keeping book Golapi Mukta Rahasya. The last incident impressed Feluda as well.

However, all these activities mainly comes in the latter part of the series. He also interrogated the suspects in Apsara Theaterer Mamla when Feluda was sick and bed-ridden. Feluda solved the case just from the report of that interrogation. Lalmohan Ganguli or Jatayu[ edit ] Main article: Jatayu Lalmohan Ganguly Lalmohan Ganguli is a close friend of Prodosh Chandra Mitra, and is described as the author of a series of Bengali crime thrillers written under the pseudonym 'Jatayu'.

Though all his novels seem to have become best-sellers, he often tends to make extremely silly mistakes such as spelling igloos as 'ilgoos'.

He sometimes serves as a perfect foil to the group and in Ray's own words provides 'dollops of humour', although he sometimes does some brave acts not expected of him. He owns a 'Madrasi green' Ambassador car.

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In , Satyajit's aunt, the writer Leela Majumdar became the honorary joint editor of the magazine in place of Sri Mukhopadhyay. From , Satyajit's cousin Nalini Das became honorary joint editor of the magazine.

She was in effect the executive editor of the magazine in this period, while her husband Asokananda Das was the honorary publisher.

In , the magazine faced a crisis when Satyajit Ray , Nalini Das and Asokananda Das all died within a period of 14 months. From , Leela Majumdar also became too ill to be able to continue as the executive editor. However, the inexperienced team could not meet the challenge of the changing times, due to the competition from comics, TV, cable TV, and books with coloured illustrations. The total circulation of children's magazines dropped steadily in this period.

The complete collection of the Adventures of Feluda

Sandesh remained a black and white magazine, and it struggled, incurring losses and skipping issues. In , The Ford Foundation gave a grant of rupees 22 lakhs to Sandesh to make the magazine viable. Due to administrative failure of the editorial team of the period, though the magazine had many coloured pages and was more attractive visually, it was not viable financially.

Between July and April , the magazine missed several issues, and after May it skipped four issues. In August , a new attempt was made to revive the magazine.

Since then the magazine has been published somewhat irregularly. Every year the Saradiya annual number has over pages, and the literary quality of the stories and other contributions are generally highly appreciated.

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Download Feluda Samagra. Sunday Suspense.

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All kinds of bangla books and bangla translated books are available in this website. D cube in Jatayu's tea. Surprising it may be, he shows a queer fondness to Jatayu and usually calls him as 'Uncle'. Topshe's father, Binay Mitra is the younger brother of Feluda's father, and therefore his uncle, and they all reside at 21, Rajani Sen Road, Kolkata

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