Editorial Reviews. Review. Ethan Wate is struggling to hide his apathy for his high school "in" crowd in small town Gatlin, South Carolina, until he . The first book in a lush gothic fantasy series for younger readers of Charlaine Harris and fans of Cassandra Clare. Ethan Wate, who has been counting the months until he can escape from Gatlin, is haunted by dreams of a beautiful girl he has never met. When Lena moves into the. In this never-before-seen short story by New York Times bestselling authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, listeners witness Link's heart-racing transformation. Dream Dark is set before the much-anticipated third Beautiful Creatures novel, Beautiful Chaos, and as a special bonus.

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Beautiful Creatures has 21 entries in the series. Kami Garcia Author Margaret Stohl Author (). cover image of Beautiful Creatures: The Manga. To ask other readers questions about Beautiful Creatures, please sign up. Beautiful Creatures was a fascinating first novel by Kami Garcia and Margaret. series is also known as:* Caster Chronicles* Beautiful Creatures* Le Livre des Lunes* Las Dieciséis Lunas.

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Apr 16, Miranda Reads rated it it was ok Shelves: Everything is so apocalyptic. Truer words have never been spoken. Ethan lives in Gatlin and which is just about the most boring town in existence. Things suddenly got a lot more interesting. There's just something so The way she moves, the way she talks, her hopes and fears and loves - Ethan knows right away: Lena wasn't just some girl you took to the last three row Teenagers.

She was more than that. Well, hot damn. Isn't that a stunning endorsement. Okay, okay. Sarcasm aside, I was actually really taken with this story.

Within a few days Ethan finds himself falling hopelessly and helplessly in love. I never loved you any more than I do, right this second. And I'll never love you any less than I do, right this second. But this isn't solely a love story. Lena is a caster - belonging to a magic race - and there's a horrible fate looming over her. On her sixteenth birthday, Lena will be claimed as either the light or the dark. And if she goes dark, she's powerless to stop it. And we are blessed with lines such as: You're so full of crap, you could pass for a toilet.

Utter brilliance. Where do I even begin? The rating is so low because it took me three tries to get through this novel and I'm not going to go attempt it again. Ethan felt so over-the-top mellow dramatic that he actually turned a rather cool concept into something that needed to be slogged through. There was so much emphasis on the will-they-won't-they aspect of Ethan and Lena's relationship that I honestly completely detached and didn't care one whit whether they would ever get together. The only thing that kept me going was Lincoln - Ethan's deeply southern best friend.

Lincoln made the entire book worth it - and if he would've starred in this novel, I would've five-starred it in a heartbeat. He's off-the-cuff hilarious and provides a much-needed break from Ethan's lovesick musings. Audiobook Comments The reader had the slowest southern accent I've ever had the displeasure of listening to.

I've stopped listening to this book twice now solely cause it was just draggggging. I had just about given up hope of ever finishing Another note: The song "Sixteen Moons" floats in and out of this book several times and the audiobook went above and beyond.

I absolutely motherfreaking love it when I listen to audiobooks that takes lyrics and creates songs for us. Now, every time I read the lyrics, the melody goes through my head. View all 33 comments. May 01, Heather rated it did not like it Shelves: It has taken me a small eternity to write this review.

I was down a hand for I had to use my left index finger to clamp down on my left eyelid in order to stop the twitching that began around page 65 of Beautiful Creatures. Meet the culprit. Who knew that 16 year old boys had so much in common with my great grandmother?

Big granny could tell you everything there was to know about Southern style architecture, felt the world would end if she ran a few minutes late, and loved Gone With the Wind. Coincidentally, she and Ethan could have been soul mates. Even more amazing, Ethan is popular.

Had he gone to my school which was in a small southern town I might add he would have been beat, both before and after school, and mocked mercilessly during class. She must have fallen out of the crazy tree and hit every branch on the way down. But as a character, she sucked arse. This was truly driven home when another granny in the book stated that she wanted to be buried with her Bible so that she would have something to read once she passed.

Any southerner worth their salt knows that statement would never be uttered south of the Mason Dixon line for two reasons. Beautiful Creatures was blogged, blurbbed, and podcasted for at least 6 mos. I have pulled a Garcia and Stohl and have gone on too long. I bid you my blurb. View all 51 comments. Apr 09, Kristi rated it it was amazing Shelves: I mean really, wow. I have no words.

Beautiful Creatures

I really have no words. It's so much more easier for me to give reasons why I don't like something, rather than try to explain why I do. I mean, I don't know why I like something. I just do! But let's see if I can explain this coherently. It took awhile for me to get into the story. Initially you get a lot of information, and I wasn't exactly sure where it all was headed.

However, you needed that back story. You needed to understand the history of the town the history of Ethan, otherwise the vibrancy of the story would be lost. The history completely compliments and enhances the rest of the story, when you get to the end, you'll get it.

The atmosphere of these book was incredible. I had this insatiable craving for grits and sweet tea It really was like you were there, Garcia and Stohl cover even the smallest of details. Characterization was phenomenal. These characters were fantastically portrayed, three dimensional, I had very strong feelings toward each and every one of them and that's something that doesn't happen often. Something that's not evident a lot in YA fiction, is family involvement.

The parents or guardians are always in the back ground, there, but not there. Beautiful Creatures has a lot of family involvement, which I loved. Maybe I do know why I liked it! Writing was outstanding, pacing was right on, I could not get through the pages fast enough!

The whole story was just fascinating, I just loved it, every small aspect. It just worked. I can not wait to read more. I demand a sequel! Which I'm happy to report View all 24 comments. Mar 08, Corey rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is an emotionally charged, moody, and atmospheric novel that is very reminiscent of how YA fiction was in the 90's and early 00's, before Twilight came along.

By that, I mean it is full of quirky, average, outcast-type characters who drive the plot line along through their unique and easily pictured personalities. I've heard people complain that Ethan is unrealistic. That makes me upset because I relate more to Ethan than I ever have with any other male character in history.

He tries his ha This is an emotionally charged, moody, and atmospheric novel that is very reminiscent of how YA fiction was in the 90's and early 00's, before Twilight came along. He tries his hardest to treat others with dignity and respect, doesn't use women for sex gasp!

You don't say! You can almost call him an "old soul", in a way. I fail to see what's so unrealistic about him. Plenty of guys are like this! Everyone is different.

You can't categorize people into little boxes because of their gender. I'm a 19 year old male and I found their portrayal of an insightful boy with good morals who was raised to be polite and courteous to be refreshing and realistic.

Meanwhile, if I would dare to say that Katniss was unrealistic because girls aren't that tough and don't usually enjoy hunting, I would be called a sexist. But saying Ethan is "not a guy" because he likes reading and acts chivalrous isn't? Talk about a double standard!

Lena is another intriguing character, as are her family. They're Casters, and many of them are full of life and zing. The story itself is steeped in Southern decadence and eeriness. At times, the story was slightly biased in its attitude towards Southerners and Christians, but I understand why the authors wrote the town in this way: The only pet peeve I had was the way the authors sort of "threw in" Sarafine near the end without much of a warning as to what was going to happen.

I would've appreciated if we were given more of a feel for her character. If you want to get lost in a story with vivid characters and powerful imagery with meaning, then I would strong suggest reading this novel and its sequels. Can't wait for Beautiful Redemption and the movie!! View all 13 comments. I thought the magic system was incredibly intricate and exciting, but I did have a few issues with other parts.

Ethan has lived in Gatlin his entire life, a small South Carolina town full of small minded people. After the death of hi 3. After the death of his mother, Ethan's father shuts himself away, and Ethan can think of nothing but leaving Gatlin and never returning. Niece to the mysterious Macon Ravenwood, of Ravenwood manor - the local 'haunted house'. Ethan and Lena are drawn together right from the beginning, we soon find out that Lena is a 'caster', and on her 16th birthday she will find out whether she is 'dark' or 'light'.

I didn't like the way Ethan would talk about the other people in his town though. Fat shaming, slut shaming and just generally looking down on them all, I didn't appreciate at all.

I liked seeing the differences between the book and the film version. Her cousin Larkin is also a dark caster in the book, and there are some extra family members we meet, such as her Gramma, and other cousins Reece and Ryan.

View all 3 comments. Nov 24, Haleema rated it did not like it Shelves: This was one of the worst books I have ever read. Even with two authors it failed to satisfy me. The story is overloaded with cliches. The characters are all I wish Goodreads had a "Hated it so much that a part of me just died" star. A "Didn't like it" star ridicules my feelings towards this Utter nonsense. View all 9 comments. Jul 25, Marie Lu rated it it was amazing.

Gorgeous, dark, lush, and gothic. It's so refreshing to read a paranormal romance told from the point of view of the guy, and Ethan is a fantastic narrator. Through his eyes, Gatlin comes alive in all its small town glory, full of whispers and secrets and prejudices the Civil War tidbits are so interesting.

Amma, Ethan's no-nonsense grandmother, is an awesome character. And this line gives me goosebumps every time I read it: View all 6 comments. Jul 10, Annalisa rated it it was ok Recommended to Annalisa by: From some of the reviews I've read, I was sure the writing was going to be atrocious.

It's not. Sure there are times when it's repetitive and there's quite a few inconsistencies where someone would say or do something and then contradict it a few pages later and there were times when I had no idea what was going on like where Ethan maybe almost had a heartache I guess and I thought it was some psychedelic love scene until it was explained at the end , but there are also moments of brilliance, From some of the reviews I've read, I was sure the writing was going to be atrocious.

Sure there are times when it's repetitive and there's quite a few inconsistencies where someone would say or do something and then contradict it a few pages later and there were times when I had no idea what was going on like where Ethan maybe almost had a heartache I guess and I thought it was some psychedelic love scene until it was explained at the end , but there are also moments of brilliance, in writing.

The description was often vivid and I appreciate that it isn't uber-cheesy. In the beginning, I loved the setting of a Southern town and some of the quirky humor with which it was described. By halfway through though, I was sick of the over-stereotypical Southern town and over Garcia's and Stohl's mockery of it.

I wish they hadn't wasted so much of the book making fun of the South. Some issues I had with the book: I didn't believe, not for one second, that Ethan was a guy. Forget a teenager which I didn't see either , there was nothing masculine about him.

I can appreciate the lack of male protagonists in YA fiction, but if you're female writing a guy, you better make him more male than a guy would. You can't make him distinguish the smell of rosemary and then go on for a page an a half about the dresses girls wear to dances and then all the decorations to the dance and make him overanalyze the behavior of the girl he likes.

And you absolutely cannot make your protagonist disgusted that other guys appreciate a girl's body and want to distance yourself from such crude behavior. Whether you want to believe it or not, all guys notice those things, even the goody-goodies. Guys have this thing about being one of the guys and blending in. They don't like to stand out. And if they do and if they're as well read as a college graduate who hangs out with his great aunts on the weekends , there is no way they would be popular.

Even the way they described the way he packed away food sounded like the way girls are appalled that guys eat so much. The only way I could read Ethan was as a personification of the authors as a teenage boy with all their girliness. I know that doesn't make sense either, but it worked for me, except for those moments when I was surprised to remember Ethan was a guy.

Sometimes he couldn't be anything but a girl. A few technicalities about guy things: Centers aren't the stars of a basketball team. They don't get fouled every few second and they aren't the ones making the bulk of the shots. Garcia and Stohl could have meant regular baskets instead of fouls and mis-worded, but even then a center wouldn't be shooting from the free throw line.

They're the big guys in the center who get shots off rebounds, not the ones dribbling up and down the court and making shots from the outside. And a guy who is on a sports team is ultra-dedicated to his team and the game and the season, especially if he's the star of the team.

Guys don't let girls get between them and their game or their friends like girls do. This was worded vaguely, but I got the impression that Link, who is a drummer, was the main vocals in his band. Never going to happen. Lead singers are guitarist, bass players if you want, or just vocals, but not the guy in the back on the noisy drums setting the rhythm for the whole band. Like I said, it was vague and Link could have just been introducing the band, but I always wondered where the vocals were coming from when Ethan heard Sixteen Moons play on Lena's viola or anywhere that wasn't his iPod.

Beautiful Creatures Series

Mysterious, supernatural vocals. I had trouble suspending my disbelief in this one. When it opens with Ethan waking from a recurring nightmare and his reaction is "oh, there's mud on my bed again from my dream," it was a little jarring. I wanted him to freak out that his dreams were something more than dreams. I wanted him to freak out that someone could talk in his head. I wanted him to freak out that all these weird supernatural stuff was going on around him.

Not girl freak out, guy freak out. And if he's getting mud and water in his bed, why isn't snoopy Amma, queen of the superstitious, who is up in the night way too often realizing something is going on while he sleeps? Nobody really noticed how crazy their small town got. I wanted a reason to belief that all this crazy supernatural phenomena had been going on in the world and nobody noticed before.

It was too much. But my biggest issue with the supernatural elements is that I'm not a fan of black magic, not a fan of people with too much invincible power especially power that is hidden but obvious , and more than anything, I'm not a fan of stories where people don't have a choice whether they're good or evil our ability to chose is about the only thing we can control in our lives, without it, what are we but robotic extensions of someone else?

This book had all three, so while the suspense ended up being decent by the end after a lot of dragging , I wasn't crazy about where it was going. Speaking of freedom of choice, I never felt that Ethan and Lena fell in love.

It was this sense of "oh, you're the girl from my dreams that I'm supposed to be madly in love with. You're hot; that's cool, let's be intensely, maddeningly in love beyond what mere mortals experience.

They had already fallen irrevocably and eternally in love solely because they were destined to without ever getting to know each other. And from then on, Ethan automatically understood everything Lena was thinking and feeling, which had nothing to do with the supernatural element. He just described her facial expressions or body language and told us exactly what was going on in her head. She may as well have been a secondary POV.

Which brings me to my next issue, writing issues. There were several instances where the authors tried to take something back or add something that should have been happening as an afterthought or most annoying made Ethan play the stupid girl to keep the suspense going. This is most frustrating in the climax scene where it takes four pages after Ethan realizes something is off to figure out what the rest of us already have.

I think we were supposed to be surprised by the revelation of who is waiting for them in the garden, but I don't see how you couldn't get it. And then Ethan makes this statement: I had only seen the power to love.

All those broken windows and storms and pandemonium and he hadn't noticed the power to destroy? What story was he in? Going into the climax, I was annoyed with the book and the characters who were just sitting around waiting for the climax. Before that, I kind of liked the book, but I got so frustrated with the stilting of Ethan and Lena's characters that I almost closed the book. If they don't care about their destiny, why should I?

Time is running out and they have the book that maybe has the answers they're looking for and what do they do?

They go to a dance where Ethan describes the dresses and decorations. Pages and pages of a high school dance with doom waiting at the door. And then, they go to school and do homework and make out and take on the town and ignore the big clue given to them a hundred pages before the climax.

We're later told that they spent so much time pouring over the book that they're sick of it, but other than the one scene, I didn't see it. Even if they didn't get any answers, I wanted to see Ethan and Lena in a panic trying to stop the inevitable, not waiting around for it to show up.

And I'm not even going to go into the tantrum Lena pulls on the big day. The authors wanted certain scenes in so they forced them on the characters and the story when they didn't fit. I think the book was too long and the details focused on the wrong things. If it were an intense page-turner or the sexual tension powerful, then the pages would have flown by. But it read like a book that was pages. I can see why girls like the book, but not why anyone would give it 5 stars.

View all 15 comments. View all 14 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

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Fuck you, Beautiful Creatures, and everyone that is in this stupid ass book. It took me 40 pages into the book to realize that the main character is a dude. This is such a huge fail that it makes me want to claw my eyes out. His thoughts and they way he thought about things were certainly not coming from th Fuck you, Beautiful Creatures, and everyone that is in this stupid ass book.

His thoughts and they way he thought about things were certainly not coming from the mind of a teenage boy. Take the Garcia and Stohl books as an example. If you are a woman, and you write from a male POV, please, know what you are doing.

I did picture Ethan as a girl eve after I realised he was a dude. They made a nice lesbian couple. Both idiots. Ethan also did absolutely everything without logic. He was perfectly fine with the fact that he could speak to Lena telepathically, he did not even question it.

Who the fuck does this? He also, went to see Lena over and over and over again after he was told not to. I understand that teenagers are like that — I am too — but when you consider yourself crazy with the real dreams you had previously, I think staying away from the person is a good idea, because you yourself Ethan could a be potential hazard to her health.

S He might know. We have to. We have no choice. Even after Lena told him not to? Since when do teenagers talk like that, let alone think like that?

Last time I checked, teenagers and adults were not on the best terms when it comes to things as serious as this — or even talking! Not to mention the fact that he was even gullible enough to trust everybody to talk about what was going on.

You do not just walk into a room hear the person say hi and then just pour out your whole life story to them. It just does not happen.

The relationship development between Ethan and Lena was He saw her stranded in the rain when the car broke down and gave her a ride. He takes her home. Are you kidding me? Why did he follow her? In that field they find a locket, they both touch it and it gives them some sort of vision into the past.

They have no fucking clue what it was about or why it happened. At all.

Why did he even take it in the first place? Please explain that to me. A normal person would have ran away from that place as fast as s he could, and would never go back there again. But what did Ethan do? Now, that is just fucked up. It was annoying. It was written from a female POV. There were SO MANY unnecessary details and descriptions it made me grit and grind my teeth so hard that I had to hope my dentist will be gentle the next time I go see her. It just got on my nerves. Not my cup of tea, I guess.

There was also this Guardian Angel club petition thing at their school That whole thing was so screwed up The way it was done was only annoying. Everybody in the Gaitlin community is so fucking closed minded and idiotic it hurts. I literally could not sit there and read through any of those scenes without grinding my teeth. The stupidity was just too much. I skim read most of this and I gave up on page I might not even like Beautiful Chaos.

Because I hate everybody in this book. View all 83 comments. It's not often that a book has me cringing, wanting to throw it down in frustration and never to return to it again. Unfortunately, Beautiful Creatures was written so badly and unconvincingly so that's what I would have done, if not for a reading challenge I was trying to complete.

You'd think such an interesting and unique premise about witches and warlocks would be difficult to get wrong. Unfortunately, the book was written in such a bland, boring manner that it failed to grab me at all. Not t It's not often that a book has me cringing, wanting to throw it down in frustration and never to return to it again.

Not to mention that some of the writing is just plain bad. It was contradictory, involved one too many broken sentences, and was rather confusing at times, making it a chore to understand what the author is trying to get at. Unlike most YA books, it is written in the point of view of a teenage male, but the authors trying to put themselves in a teenage boy's shoes mostly involved talking about how hot some cheerleaders were at the school.

There's barely any character development and you're just meant to accept that Ethan just falls in love with Lena, because he's been dreaming about her all of this time. The plot or lack thereof just seemed to drag on and on forever. So much so that at the end, I wondered why I bothered wasting my time on reading this book when there are so many other more interesting things to do. Also at the most crucial moment when the plot is meant to take off, the authors throws us into a random, unimportant, and rather frustrating side track in the form of a surprise party.

Who cares about the other school kids when you are meant to be finding out what happens to Lena after ramping this up for the ENTIRE book?

Save yourself the trouble, and skip this title. Check out Happy Indulgence for more reviews! View all 20 comments. Nov 12, Lady Vigilante Feifei rated it really liked it Shelves: This is another one of those cases where watching the movie motivated me to read the book. Overall, I enjoyed this book immensely, and I found the two main characters to be endearing, down-to-earth teenagers just trying to find their way. The pace of 4 stars!! And in his small hometown of Gatlin where secrets become common knowledge and unspoken agreements become law, Ethan wants nothing more than to escape this stifling place and explore the world.

What ensues is a tentative friendship turned relationship where the romance is pure and heartfelt. This book was such a delight to read.

There is sarcasm and dry humor sprinkled among the pages, and with some Civil War history and family dynamics in the background, this book engaged both my mind and my heart. I have a feeling that the following books will be just as good or even better than this first one.

The ending is not a cliffhanger and concludes on a high note.

View all 73 comments. So I'm giving this the 4 stars I think I would've given it if I had read this book before I saw the movie. The pacing was kind of slow for me, but I think seeing the movie before reading the book really affected how the story played out. There really wasn't any mystery or suspense since I knew most major plot points. This is WAY better than the movie, though. But I still enjoyed this story! It took me a long time to get to these books because I thought it would be another Twilight: Yes, this story does have those aspects to it, but it's SO much more!

It wasn't necessarily instalove, either So the story starts with Ethan living his boring small town life and then Lena moves to town. He's been dreaming about her before he meets her and then lots of weird things start happening like she can hear his thoughts? Ethan finds out she and her gothic recluse family are Casters like witches and on Lena's sixteenth birthday she'll be claimed by the light or dark.

Lots of plot twists ensue The story really takes the time to build a rich world! I really have no clue if this feels like an authentic southern small town or not, but it totally did to me. I absolutely loved the setting how it mixed in with the Civil War time period. I also loved how the story was narrated by the guy instead of the girl And I appreciated how all of the characters and their backstories were so well developed.

Even the secondary characters were strong. And honestly if you don't know the overall plot, the pacing is good. It's slow but not dull and the writing just pulls you into a really original world.

I'm sure everyone's already heard of this series at this point, but I'm still throwing it out there as a recommendation if you like modern or paranormal YA stories! View all 10 comments. Mar 18, P rated it it was ok Shelves: Beautiful Creatures sounds promising at first just like Twilight, a forbidden love story where two souls find each other in the darkest moment of their lives.

But I didn't like Ethan, he's uninteresting and can't even deliver the story properly. That made this book so boring and I didn't want to continue around the half way through it.

Anyway, I wanted to know about that little riddle about the curse and why everyone seems to be alerted by this cause, so I kept reading.

Beautiful Creatures

And I was doomed. I asked myself about why I read BC in the first place if view spoiler [the ending just goes back and meets the beginning again.

For Lena, your power was very interesting but when you get involved with Ethan, it exactly goes downhill. I now understand why the movie isn't popular, because of many things being so messed up and unbelievably scattered.

No way. Even though I already bought the first three books, I feel like this is a bummer and I don't want to waste my time on this series anymore. Thank you! View all 23 comments. Aug 23, Sandra rated it did not like it Shelves: How the heck is this book turning into a movie?! It's slow and painful. But, before i'm gonna go all ballistic, and talk about how much i didn't enjoy reading Beautiful Creatures, i'm gonna say what this book is about for those who don't know.

So the main protagonist is Ethan, he dreams of this girl that he doesn't know more like has nightmares. Then one day he goes to school, and hears there is a How the heck is this book turning into a movie?! Then one day he goes to school, and hears there is a 'new hot chick', when he sees her, he somehow knows it's the girl from his dreams. But as they grow closer together, Ethan 'realizes' that she hides a dark secret, and is not whom she really seems she is. I would highly suggest you keep on reading my review if: You'v read this book.

Fist things first, doesn't the plot sound somehow similar? I'm seriously getting tired of that same old crap. The only reason why i was even thinking about downloading this book was because of the movie. I'm sure lot's of people had the same reason that i did. Let's go onto the characters.

Gosh, i'm actually shivering of detestation when i think about them. I think they were the most unrealistic characters i had the misfortune of ever getting to know. They were described and developed ok-ish. A pet peeve of mine with most young adult novels is that I fell like they do not have enough descriptions and I find it hard to envision the places and people.

This was another thing that this book did not suffer from. Everything was described so well and beautifully. The book is a really big book but the way it flowed made me read it so quickly that I felt as if the book were much shorter and wanted more when the book ended. Ethan was a really relate able character that was really well developed as well as all of the other characters, but I felt like I really got to know and love Ethan and really cannot wait to read the rest of the series to find out what happens to his relationship and rest of his life after high school.

I recommend this book to anyone looking for a different ya book and one that is really well written. Complete with narrow mind house-wives waving their warm home cooked meals in their southern bell dresses, the town runs accordingly to their wishes. There's nothing that doesn't conform to their way, that is until Lena Duchannes strolls in and moves in with the town shut in, Macon Ravenwood, that things start to fall astray. Ethan Wate a local boy who's been having strange dreams about a girl who keeps falling inches away from his grasp, realizes that Lena Duchannes, the girl who wears the wrong clothes, speaks her mind and also happens to be Galtin's newest outcast, is the girl of his dreams.

The countdown is on to Lena's birthday, the day she either turns Light or Dark, oh and don't forget the year old curse that Lena and Ethan's ancestors caused that now plaque them both.

The idea's behind this book are extremely complex, the mythology at times can be hard to keep up with, but I however found the richness of details made the story more compelling. There's a lot of mystery mix up within the novel, with bits of information slowly pieced out to reveal the complexity.

Every kiss was filled with the exhilarating feeling of star-crossed lovers and forbidden love that I like so much! As Lena and Ethan's relationship progressed we see the difficulties they have to overcome, and boy, there are some huge mountains they have to climb to be together.

The more you read you see just how hard that's ultimately going to be. Beautiful Creatures is a very enjoyable read, although it may be a bit unnecessarily long, if you power through it I think you'll love it. I recommend it to anyone who's interested in Southern tales filled with a heart aching romance and captivating magic.

I honestly, did not expect to like this book at all and expected very little from it. From my past experiences with books that everyone's hyped up about.

I always ended up indifferent to it. But this one was an exception that I actually liked, not as much as I wanted to like it. But I liked it enough to give it four stars.

Kami and Margaret wrote the book in such a way that it always seemed gloomy and dark. The atmosphere in the book gave me the creeps. A lot of it. The book had your usual new girl, who has special powers and town boy falls in love with her.

Despite that basic Young Adult Paranormal structure, the authors managed to surround that with tons of originality that pretty much filled the entire book till it reached pages. Lena and Ethan were okay characters that honestly did annoy me sometimes. I even face-palmed myself once in awhile.

But they were sweet together and they made me go "aww" sometimes. I was even surprised when the book was told in Ethan's perspective and not Lena's. I'm glad it was the hero this time. It made the book feel really refreshing. When Lena moves into town, she is immediately disliked and shunned when they all find out that she is the niece of the town shut in. She is bullied not only in school by the students but also by the student's parents.

I admired Ethan's tenacity for sticking up for her especially when he is putting his reputation in jeopardy. The plot and other minor characters were so beautifully built with enough detail and a lot of dialogue to paint the perfect image in any readers mind.The character of Link doesn't get much of any new insight, and the characters in the story are not so important although they do show up later on that this short story is a valuable addition to the series.

I vaguely remember seeing the movie many, many years back. A Gatlin Wedding Beautiful Creatures: The Fall of Five. Can't wait to read the next books in the series. The other thing about this book is the role of the library and librarian. And I do really wish I stopped here because it honestly didn't get any better from this ending. I also loved how the story was narrated by the guy instead of the girl A pet peeve of mine with most young adult novels is that I fell like they do not have enough descriptions and I find it hard to envision the places and people.

His thoughts and they way he thought about things were certainly not coming from the mind of a teenage boy.

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