One of the most profound moments in my life, the clarity of Wisdom Truly touched my Soul. The Holy Science presented Is A Guide for the Sons. Jnanavatar Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri. momysufphypa.cfds: Kaivalya Darsanam The Holy Science. momysufphypa.cfds: Jnanavatar Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri. Sri Yukteswar Lovers of Sri Yukteswar's galactic book find here a free download of the original edition of The Holy Science (PDF 7 MB), published privately .

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Sri Yukteswar Giri - The Holy Science - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or read online. Great Book by Swami Sri Yukteshwar Giri. Read "The Holy Science" by Swami Sri Yukteswar available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Reprint of. The Holy Science by Swami Sri Yukteswar. Read online, or download in secure ePub format.

This task is indeed a herculean one, but at Allahabad I was entrusted sri yukteswar the holy science the mission by a holy command. I'd rank it among my top ten desert island books. Jul 31, Tanmay Meher rated it it was amazing It's been 10 year since I had read "Auto Biography of a Yogi", and there was a mention about this book in the same.

Not sure if I waited for 10 years to read this classic piece or I was made to wait for 10 years to get a glimpse of this holy book, what ever it might be, finally I got chosen to get a glimpse of this sacred creation. Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar I am not qualified enough to write a review for this book, but definitely I will share my opinion about the same.

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The sun also has another motion by sri yukteswar the holy science it revolves round a grand center called Vishnu-Naabhi which is the seat of the creative power Brahma, the universal magnetism.

The illustrations are wonderful and Kilham's insights into crow and raven sociality are important.

Joan Waltermire's sketches nicely complement the text. Stuart Houston "This is a well-written, thoughtful, beautifully illustrated book that was a joy to read.

Kilham is to be congratulated for providing us with a greater level of insight into crows and ravens particularly the former than we previously had.

This should be a prime book for collectors. Both a salute to and a devastating satire of a time, place, and culture, The Guermantes Way defines the great tradition of novels that follow the initiation of a young man into the ways of the world. This elegantly packaged new translation will introduce a new generation of American readers to the literary richness of Marcel Proust.

My gurudeva, Jnanavatar ["Incarnation of Wisdom"; from Sanskrit jnana, "wisdom," and avatara, "divine incarnation. Placing the holy texts on the spotless table of his mind, he was able to dissect them with the scalpel of intuitive reasoning, and to separate interpolations and wrong interpretations of scholars from the truths as originally given by the prophets.

It is owing to Jnanavatar Swami Sri Yukteswar's unerring spiritual insight that it now becomes possible, through this book, to establish a fundamental harmony between the difficult biblical book, Revelation, and the Sankhya philosophy of India. As my gurudeva has explained in his introduction, these pages were written by him in obedience to a request made by Babaji, the holy gurudeva of Lahiri Mahasaya, who in turn was the gurudeva of Sri Yukteswar.

I have written about the Christlike lives of these three great masters in my book, Autobiography of a Yogi. The Sanskrit sutras set forth in The Holy Science will shed much light on the Bhagavad-Gita as well as on other great scriptures of India.

At the request in Allahabad of the Great Preceptor Mahavatar Babaji near the end of the th year [] of the present Dwapara Yuga, this exposition has been published for the benefit of the world.

The purpose of this book is to show as clearly as possible that there is an essential unity in all religions; that there is no difference in the truths inculcated by the various faiths; that there is but one method by which the world, both external and internal, has evolved; and that there is but one Goal admitted by all scriptures.

By Swami Sri Yukteswar

But this basic truth is one not easily comprehended. The discord existing between the different religions, and the ignorance of men, make it almost impossible to lift the veil and have a look at this grand verity. The creeds foster a spirit of hostility and dissension; ignorance widens the gulf that separates one creed from another. Only a few specially gifted persons can rise superior to the influence of their professed creeds and find absolute unanimity in the truths propagated by all great faiths.

The object of this book is to point out the harmony underlying the various religions, and to help in binding them together.Free, Sannyasi.

As I was walking along the bank of the Ganges, I was summoned by a man and was afterwards honored by an interview with a great holy person, Babaji, the gurudeva of my own guru, Lahiri Mahasaya, of Banaras. The autumnal equinox will be falling, at the beginning of the twentieth century, among the fixed stars of the Virgo constellation, and in the early part of the ascending Dwapara Yuga.

Such is the great irifl ue nce of "Tirn e which governs the universe. The position of the world in the Dwapara Sandhi era at present AD is not correctly shown in the Hindu almanacs.

Sri Yukteswar Giri - The Holy Science

This methos of calculation was prevalent in India till the reign of Raja Vikramaditya, when the Samwat era was introuced. But to attain this, knowledge of the external ,,,,orid is necessary.

Ananda, bliss, is the contentment of heart attained by the ways and means suggested by the Savior, the Sat-Guru.. My paramguruji maharaj Babaji smiled and, honoring rne wi th the title of Swami, irnposed on me the task of this book. The second is the magnetic-aura electricities, manifestations of Buddhi, the Intelligence that determines what is truth.

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