The Science of Yoga is a lucid and long overdue account of what scientists have 4 “cut with all. PDF | In this paper we discuss methodology of yoga, together with significant aspects of integration of yoga and modern medicine. We suggest two way. PDF | On Jan 1, , Dr Kamakhya Kumar and others published Super The present volume of Super Science of Yoga will definitely help the.

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In this basic literature of Yoga, the Yoga-Sutras of Patanjali stand out as the most authoritative and useful free ebook. Download the free PDF. A large number of thougthful people, both in the East and the West, are genuinely in- terested in the subject of Yoga. This is natural because a man who has. Take up the study of the yoga science as you would any other science of material nature and remember that there is no mystery nor danger in it” (Vivekananda.

Many modern doctors tend to recommend the patient to take up yoga and relaxation techniques and forget to mention to the yoga therapist what they actually want the patients to do. Most allopathic medications need to be tapered off in a progressive manner rather than being stopped suddenly. We often find this mistake in regard to corticosteroids as well as cardiac medications where sudden stoppage can be harmful.

Rehabilitation: Yoga as a form of physical therapy has a lot to offer patients of physical and mental handicaps. Many of the practices of physiotherapy and other physical therapies have a lot in common with yoga practices.

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Combination of yoga and physical therapies can benefit patients with learning disabilities. Musculoskeletal problems can be treated by the combination to improve function as well as range of movement, strength and endurance abilities. Balance and dexterity can also be improved by the combination therapy. Yoga practice can help those recovering from accidents and physical traumas to get back on their feet faster and with better functional ability.

Yoga also has a lot to offer those suffering from drug and substance abuse in assisting them to get back to a normal life. Yoga helps develop their self-control and will power and also gives them a new philosophy of living. This is vital as otherwise they will lapse into their old negative habits. Healthy diet: This is a place that modern medicine and yoga can help give a patient as well as normal person the proper holistic values of a proper diet.

This is important for person to know how much of each constituent of food is to be taken in the proper quantity. Yoga can help a person to learn the right attitude towards food as well as understand concepts based on the Trigunas and Tridoshas for better health. Yoga teaches us that the cause of most disease is through under Ajjeranatvam , over Atijeeranatvam or wrong Kujeeranatvam digestion.

Yoga also teaches us about the approach to food, the types of food as well as the importance of timings and moderation in diet. A combination of the modern aspects of diet with a dose of yogic thought can help the right diet.

Yoga emphasizes the importance of not only eating the right type of food but also the right amount and with the right attitude. Importance of not eating alone, as well as preparation and serving of food with love are brought out in the yogic scheme of right living. Guna inherent nature of food is taken into consideration to attain and maintain good health. Modern science of diet can learn a lot from this ancient concept of classification of food according to inherent nature as it is a totally neglected aspect of modern diet.

He also says that life in the body becomes a pleasure if we eat food to digestive measure attraal alavuarinthu unga aghduudambu pettraan nedithu uikkum aaru - Tirukkural Relaxation: Modern medicine understands importance of relaxation for healthy living.

Hatha Yoga and Jnana Yoga relaxation practices help relax the body and mind. Relaxation is a key element of any yoga therapy regimen and must not be forgotten at any cost.

Shavasana has been reported to help a lot in hypertensive patients and practices such as Savitri Pranayama, Chandra Pranayama, Kaya Kriya, Yoga Nidra, Anuloma Viloma Prakriyas and Marmanasthanam Kriya are also available to the person requiring this state of complete relaxation.

It is important to remember that relaxation on its own is less effective than relaxation that follows Asanas postures , i.

Coping skills: Yoga has a lot to offer those who are unable to cope with death and dying as well as those suffering from incurable diseases. The yoga philosophy of living sees death as an inevitable aspect of life that cannot be wished away. Those who are taking care of the dying as well as those taking care of patients of incurable diseases and major disabilities are under an extreme amount of stress and yoga practice as well as its philosophy helps them gain the inner strength necessary to do their duty.

Yoga can help break the vicious spiral of pain-drug dosage-pain and by doing so help reduce the drug dosage in patients suffering chronic pain.

It relaxes them and helps them sleep better. Expenditure: Modern medicine is often criticized for the cost involved in its methods of treatment.

Yoga offers an inexpensive method of health that can be added to the medical armory when required. Of course the modern yoga industry would rather have us believe that we need tons of yoga equipment to start yoga.

Reduction in drug dosage and avoidance of unnecessary surgeries in many cases can also help reduce the spiraling cost of medicare. Process of aging: Aging is inevitable and yoga can help us to age gracefully. Modern medicine tries to help retard aging and help people look better by costly surgical methods that are only an external covering over the underlying aging process.

Healthy diet, regular exercise, avoidance of negative habits and cultivation of the positive habits and a healthy lifestyle can help us to age with dignity.

Physical accidents such as falls can be minimized and many an artificial hip, knee or shoulder replacement surgery can be avoided.

Psychotherapy: In the field of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis we can find a lot of ancient yogic concepts being reiterated time and again. Many modern psychotherapeutic concepts such as identification, projection, and transference are similar to concepts in yoga psychology. Yoga psychology integrates diverse principles within a single body.

He also correlated chakras to the archetypes that abound in the collective unconscious. Yoga helps the psychotherapist in training self awareness, and in the self regulation of body, diet, breath, emotions, habit patterns, values, will, unconscious pressures and drives.

It also helps in understanding the archetypal processes and to a transient being. Yoga offers an integrated method rather than one that is found in isolation in many different therapies.

The theory of Kleshas is an excellent model for psychotherapy while emotional therapies of yoga include Swadhyaya, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Bhajans. Both yoga and psychoanalysis share common ground in understanding that symptoms of the disease are often product of the thoughts patters of the patients.

While all psychoanalysts must undergo psychoanalysis themselves, it is taught in yoga that one must first undergo a deep Sadhana, before attempting to guide others on the path. Lifestyle changes: Yoga places great importance on a proper and healthy lifestyle whose main components are Achar healthy activities on a regular basis , Vichar right thoughts and attitude towards life , Ahar healthy, nourishing diet and Vihar proper recreational activities to relax body and mind.

Yoga helps patients take their health in their own hands. They learn to make an effort and change their life style for the better so that their health can improve. Life style modification is the buzzword in modern medical circles and yoga can play a vital role in this regard.

Yogic diet, Asanas, Pranayamas, Mudras, Kriyas and relaxation are an important aspect of lifestyle modification. To live a healthy life it is important to do healthy things and follow a healthy lifestyle. Yoga in combination with modern medicine has a lot to contribute to the health status of womankind. Puberty and menopause become easier transitions with the help of yoga.

The Oli Mudras as practiced in the yoga tradition have great potential in this regard and also the Swara Yoga have a lot of exciting possibilities. Once conception occurs, yoga helps the young mother to prepare herself physically and mentally for the upcoming childbirth. Yoga helps open the joints of the pelvis and hip as well as strengthen the abdominal muscles for childbirth. Later, simple Pranayamas and relaxation techniques help the new mother relax and enjoy the new experience of her life.

Post partum introduction of simple practices along with breathing, relaxation and a lot of crawling helps her come back to normal earlier and this can be used in all maternity hospitals along with allopathic management.

Yoga practices can also help reduce the drug dosage in medical problems that often complicate a normal pregnancy. Research: Scientific researches in the field of yoga have a vital significance for verification of the importance of yoga and development of medicine, but the other sciences, as well.

Yoga gives frames for the new understanding and new approach to perception of the human health.

Therefore, it is important to research new methodological instruments for measuring different phenomena that influence human existence and development.

Lack of proper infrastructure and absence of a proper systematized approach in the propagation of yoga are still drawbacks for wider implementation. The youngsters are being drawn away from the tradition and culture and blindly ape the hedonistic lifestyle from the western movies. Yoga practice influences change in the way of thinking.

Therefore, it is important to give the youth proper and systematic training in yoga. The aims of human existence are not health and happiness, but Samadhi unity.

One Simple Thing

Preoccupation with search for happiness and health makes us forget the essential question: what is the sense of our existence.

Yoga is the best way for us to regain our birthrights and attain the goal of our human existence — and health and happiness then become natural fruits of that achievement. References: 1. Ajaya Swami.

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The Science of Yoga: The Risks and the Rewards

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PDF, kb Vieten, C. PDF, kb Gray, K. Evergreen College. Miller, R.When did the big yoga boom happen in the United States? Yoga is NOT going to burn tons of calories. It spends no money on yoga epidemiology. Because the book goes through so many benefits, right?

Kundalini Yoga: Sri Swami Sivananda

Accuracy and availability may vary. All rights reserved. Many of the practices of physiotherapy and other physical therapies have a lot in common with yoga practices.

Using mindfulness meditation to improve pain management in combat veterans with traumatic brain injury. To the risk of repetititive stress injuries in running, golf, racquetball, i.

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