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Hard Bitten book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Times are hard for newly minted vampire Merit. Ever since shapeshift. Hard Bitten by Chloe Neill. Read an Excerpt. download. Read an Excerpt. download. Look Inside. Read an Excerpt. download. Hard Bitten. By Chloe Neill download the Ebook. Free Shipping. download Hard Bitten - eBook at momysufphypa.cf

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Published in: Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Be the first to like this. No Downloads. In fact, I'm quite sure I could call him up and claim that I'll release a statement to the press regarding random vampires slashing my tires unless he delivers a lifetime's supply of ice cream to my door - and I would pretty much be set up for ever because within 24 hours I'd have my ice cream, damnit!

Listen, Ethan, the mayor cannot make you responsible for the behaviour of your entire species at any given moment in time! If there are illegal raves going on then that really sucks.


You can be sure to remind the press in your official statement that the mayor should never have let crime get so bad and that you and your house will fully co-operate with a police investigation but that your people are not involved and do not condone violence against humans! It's like walking up to the Muslim friendship league and fucking demanding they put an end to all terrorism within a week.

Am I not the only one who sees that this is just ridiculous? Apparently so. The other major issue with this series is the writing. Neill is a good storyteller.

Her characters, plot and setting are all great but her writing craft is listless, unemotional and lacks heart. Let me try to explain by giving you a demonstration of what the last chapter was like for me. My heart was breaking. My dog was dead and it was all my fault. Seven days passed in bed as I stared numbly at the ceiling. It couldn't be true, could it?

Others mourned. The house was quiet and seemed empty. The funeral came and went as we laid my puppy to rest. Confront your brother and find out why he poisoned your dog.

I needed answers and I didn't want to deal with the pain anymore. When I stormed into my brother's house, it was like he was waiting for me. It yapped all the time and you know how I feel about Chihuahuas. They're just convenient snacks for bigger, more useful dogs. I'm sorry. I could feel the hurt but I recognized the truth. They really are the most useless animals in existence. But still, next time you want to kill my pet - please ask first!

The End. Why would you sum up the ending like a fucking hallmark card with just as much sympathy and feeling?! Why do I feel like you were recounting events like you would baseball scores? Instead, I finished with all the emotion that I usually experience whilst having a haircut. Put some heart, feeling and soul into your text, Neill! Merit kept saying how stressed and upset she was throughout the book the reader never feels it. Make us FEEL the stress. Make us FEEL the tension.

Don't just relay the information to us like you were referring a cricket match in which the most exciting aspect of the game involved a couple of seagulls flying onto the pitch! I'm supposed to feel something more than a tingly numbness, aren't I? And finally, to sum up my last request: View all 19 comments. Mar 25, Jen rated it liked it Shelves: I cannot even describe how I feel right now. Wait, yes I can. That is how I feel. Out of simple respect for the author I will refrain from giving this book a 1 star rating until I read Drink Deep.

However, I must say that I would have read Drink Deep anyway. I didn't need some big, horrible shocker to keep on with this series. I will not read the series past Drink Deep though, if it is not resolved in a way that I like. Sorry, not really, bu WTH. Sorry, not really, but that is the way I feel. View all 47 comments. Nov 20, Mrs. Badass rated it liked it Shelves: Spoiler Free, I think.

I am an admittedly emotional reviewer, and this book really pissed me off. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, and I have no ill will towards the author, Ms.

I mostly enjoy these novels, but I cannot get behind cliffhangers. I know that if you read this review Ms. Neill, that you will take this personally, because you are human, and you are the creator of this universe in Merit Land, but I ask you to put aside your personal feelings, and know that I don't know you Spoiler Free, I think. Neill, that you will take this personally, because you are human, and you are the creator of this universe in Merit Land, but I ask you to put aside your personal feelings, and know that I don't know you personally.

I'm sure you are the nicest human being ever, and maybe you help old people cross the street, pick up garbage on the side of the roads when your not writing, and donate all your money to charity. This book pissed me off. It's not you. It's me. You went there? Have you been talking with Karen Moning, taking lessons?

No flames, I love KMM minus the mammoth cliffhangers Didn't you read any reviews, blogs or pissy conversations about how fans truly HATE cliffhangers and this type of plot device? Or maybe you have been talking with Kim Harrison?

She did a similar thing with view spoiler [ Kistan. Because you have a grand plan? Trust must be earned, and the constant back and forth battles between Ethan and Merit--the constant lies, and half truths--make it difficult for a reader to trust the author.

I lose faith in authors who do this, and I hope that it is not just for Shock value that you went there. Now then, I have some ideas on where I think you might be going, and what you did, and with whom. I'm interested to see if my brain is heading in the right direction, but really feel like I should tell you that I didn't need this type of ending to make me want to read your next novel. I was already invested in Merit, Ethan and the gang.

Oh, and Death to the GP!!! Bunch of wankers. I seem to be zapped and tapped. View all 28 comments. Aug 21, "That's All" Ash rated it did not like it. This Review Contains Spoiler-Bombs. I was loving this series. Loving it. Okay, good. Okay, so this series has an angsty love story going on between two of the main characters: Merit and Ethan. Book 1: Book 2: Book 3: Book 4: Merit secretly wants Ethan again; and Ethan definitely wants Merit.

And then Ethan dies. There are ten books to this series. And she kills the main guy in the fourth book?! Which brings us to my second problem. Later in the series, he comes back.

The ones you have left anyway. View all 56 comments. This changes everything. Holy cow. Preorder this now. Plan to stay up late. Have alcohol near by. Alcohol will make you fall asleep That's it. The book should come with a bar strapped to it. I could really use an oxygen tank right about now I can't post my official review until it hits the review site first.. After y'all read it and it's too late. Suffic OMG. Suffice it to say Everyone who has yet to find this amazing series Start reading, cause you want to be ready May 3rd.

View all 34 comments. I declare Chloe Neill to be a ballsy bitch. I had some problems with the third installment. Recapping was kept to a minimum, with Neill dishing out just enough to jar my memory. The pacing was smooth I declare Chloe Neill to be a ballsy bitch. The pacing was smooth and quick , with every chapter offering progress. The big reveal was shocking in several ways; Neill showed excellent timing and skill in doling out details while still withholding one or two puzzle pieces until the very end.

We get a little more information on magic, which makes me hopeful that the sorcerer contingent will soon be coming to the fore. And Neill once again makes Chicago an important character unto itself. My experience with Chicago Vampires has included some frustration, but I am grateful for one thing: Neill does her best to let the story unfold naturally.

She does not telegraph her next move. She keeps the plot fresh and us readers on our toes. I think I can trust her to make all the shock and drama worthwhile. View all 9 comments. A large draw for the series is Ethan and Merit and their connection.

Starting this book, I was pretty nervous. The last book, Twice Bitten , took me high and then it drop kicked me low. Surprisingly, everything seemed great as I read further and further.

Ethan has taken huge strides from the guy we met back in book one. He is honestly repentant about his decision in Twice Bitten and tries his best to get Merit to give him another chance.

I really enjoyed seeing Merit back together with Mallory.

Hardback sales plummeting in age of the ebook

One of my favorite things about the first book was the fact that Merit and Mallory were such great friends. Often in books it seems like the main character lives in a vacuum, so it was very refreshing to have so many outside ties with Merit. It was really nice to see Merit being there for Mallory just as much as Mallory is usually there for her.

So it looks like the old gang is back together again. Not only was it really interesting and scary to think of vampires acting like that, but it gave Merit an excuse to get out and about and take us deeper into the vampire world. I also loved that Merit took the lead and convinced Ethan to step back. Thank God that the author took the time for that--he has had that coming for a while now. Based on my enjoyment of the book you might be wondering why I only gave this one 3 stars. Honestly, before page I was all set to give this one 4.

I thought about giving it a 1 or 2 grade, but after waiting a few days to grade it and letting myself calm down I didn't feel quite right doing that. The beginning was too good for me to let the horrible, horrible ending drive the grade down that far. So I just split it down the middle and gave it a 3. You know those crazy readers who get way too attached and feel personally betrayed when authors throw in huge twists or catastrophic events?

I am that crazy reader! I literally stared dumbfounded at the page before frantically rereading that section, hoping that I read that wrong. When the shock wore off…oh, the rage. I had to walk away from my computer to keep myself from sending a vicious email to the author. Luckily, I calmed down enough to prevent that idiocy, but then the depression set in.

I am not quite ready to dramatically swear off this series. Got you! Did you see your face? Favorite Quote: View all 61 comments. Dec 26, Flannery rated it really liked it Shelves: Holy curveball, Batman! NOPE, it turns out this book just wiped that smug look off my face. If you click on the spoilers and intend to read this book, you might as well get a Flannery-shaped voodoo dol Holy curveball, Batman!

If you click on the spoilers and intend to read this book, you might as well get a Flannery-shaped voodoo doll so you can stick it with pins because I will have totally ruined your reading experience.

You heard it here first. So anyway, if you have been following this series, you might want to reread Twice Bitten before reading this one. As it is, this book picks up almost directly after the ending of its predecessor. Are we in the cone of silence? Aaaaand , this one is sadly light on it.

I felt like their storyline was rather unnecessary to the overall book and it felt like they were there only to provide readers the reminder that they are, in fact, huge characters in the series.

Did anyone else feel this way? Maybe it was just me. It was just too much power struggle and not enough fun, friendships, romance, etc. There was ass-kicking, though, which is always great. While reading, I daydream about what kind of house would be the coolest to be a part of—then I push up my metaphorical nerd glasses and wonder how it is I even have any friends: Anyway, other books in the series gave us an understanding of the Cadogan obviously and Navarre houses, but this one lets us in on Grey House and I have to say, it sounds pretty choice.

And then come my annoyances: The one who has super sexy awesomeness with Merit in the last book? Well, Chloe Neill brings him out of nowhere into a fight in the last 10 pages and then stakes him a few sentences later. And speaking of that, her dad is such an asshole! As is Darius. I wish characters had less of that stuff, what do you call them?

Oh, morals. Jeez, where are the vigilantes when you need them? Fun times in Chicagoland! View all 31 comments. Jul 26, Jilly rated it really liked it Shelves: Oh no, you didn't, Book!! I have to start by saying that if an author decides to try to get me to break one of my life-rules: So, if the book makes me sad, I get sad and angry.

We actually use the word "Sangry" in my house because I have boys. Boys get sangry too. We don't cry like little bitches, we get angry at the idea that someone is trying to make us sad. Then, as is my family's tradition, we then make fun of whatever it is unmercifully until we Oh no, you didn't, Book!! Then, as is my family's tradition, we then make fun of whatever it is unmercifully until we are laughing - thus restoring us to our usual sarcastic and happy states.

Family traditions are a good thing to instill in your children - even if it is a tradition of repressing emotions. We are English, after all So, obviously, something happens in this book that has upset me. Bad book! But, I will forge through and write about the rest of it.

I'm brave that way. Okay, so Merit and Ethan are not back together, but he is trying to win her back after being "that guy.

A dick. There's a don't-be-the-cow-that-gives-the-milk-for-free lesson in here, big time. But, they have a good working relationship going on in the meantime. In this book, they have to address the "rave" problem in the city. Raves are vamp parties where the vamps gather a bunch of humans and party on their blood, but lately they have gone a little too far and not known when to stop drinking. The dead human should indicate you've had enough, dude. The mayor of the city found out about them and gave Ethan an ultimatum: Now, why the mayor would be able to put Ethan in jail over this?

It didn't make a lot of sense, but he made up some charges that he would use in order to get this whole black-maily thing going.

Blackmailing Ethan and Merit seems to be a favorite past-time of a lot of people they know. It happens to them a lot. At the same time, there is some serious anti-vamp mojo going on in the city. People don't like them, for some crazy reason. You don't like having predators of humans living among you? That's crazy talk. You're crazy! So, there are protesters outside their house day and night. And, there's some freaky vigilante dude who has made it his personal mission to get rid of them, and sets up a roadblock with a bunch of guys with guns to try and scare them away.

Call me crazy, but I don't know if orange cones and guns that can't kill immortals are going to run them out of town. But, the guy is definitely going to be future trouble.

He's an annoyance who is trying to be a super-hero. Like the Green Lantern. Seriously, was that movie bad or what? Enter the jerkass leader of the vampire high council - the grand poopah of the vamps - Darius. He comes rolling into town to tell Ethan and Merit NOT to look into these raves, or else they are gonna get in trouble. It might even get marked down as a demerit in their permanent records. Oh shit, not that! What to do?

Well, what do you think they are going to do? Obey the jerk and do nothing, or secret mission time? Oh, I just love a good secret mission! So, Merit ends up doing some undercover work with Jonah - the vampire from another house who wants her to join his secret group of vampires called the Red Guards. The Red Guards are basically the Internal Affairs unit of the vampires, except without the head honchos knowing it. Jonah and Merit go to a rave and stir up crap, and it comes out there is a drug involved that is making the vampires extra killy and stuff.

We get lots of "just say no to drugs" kind of messages going on, and Merit acts like a total narc. Runaway Vampire. Immortal Ever After. Vampire, Interrupted. The Husband Hunt. A Quick Bite. The Switch. Love Bites.

Vampires Are Forever. Single White Vampire. Bite Me If You Can. Devil of the Highlands. A Bite to Remember. The Heiress. The Accidental Vampire. Born to Bite. The Renegade Hunter. My Immortal Highlander. The Deed. Eternal Lover. About a Vampire. Knight of My Dreams. One Lucky Vampire. The Bite Before Christmas. Hungry For You. The Reluctant Vampire. Under a Vampire Moon. Vampire Most Wanted.

The Lady Is a Vamp. Bitten By Cupid. The Hellion and the Highlander. The Chase. The Key. Lady Pirate.

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In this series View all Book Book Skip this list. Ratings and Book Reviews 10 star ratings 10 reviews. Overall rating 4. Yes No Thanks for your feedback! Report as inappropriate.Next off, as series go, this is on my top 5 favorites list. The Countess. Jeaniene Frost. I will not read the series past Drink Deep though, if it is not resolved in a way that I like.

It will probably have you crying. Night Veil. Write your review. View all 11 comments. Let me try to explain by giving you a demonstration of what the last chapter was like for me.

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